Parashat Hashavua

Portion vaYay Lech - Where did Moses really go - and Why?

Portion vaYay Lech - Where did Moses really go - and Why?
In this Portion, Moses is soon to leave this world,
and he is getting ready for his final song and final speech in front of all the Israelites.
The Torah Writes: "And Moses went" (Deut. 31:1)  Question: Where did he go?
One Answer sometimes given is:
The tent of Moses was outside the camp of the Israelites. When Moses desired to gather the people, he would have the trumpets blown (see Numbers 10:7) for them to gather
BUT On this day, his last day on earth, it would not be fitting to display the trappings of royalty, so Moses simply walked into the camp to address the people.


Others explain that Moses purposely displayed his physical stamina by energetically walking in front of the people. Showing that he was physically fit at the age of 120.
Then, his next words, "I am unable to go out and come in," refer to his limits in changing Torah.
When the gates of Torah were closed, Moses had no desire to live. (The great Rabbi Boruch Ber Lebowitz of Kaminetz (in Lithuania) heard someone proclaim, "Without Torah we cannot live!" The rabbi reportedly exclaimed, "And even if we could - who would want to?!")


So - Was Moses fulfilled? Or was he maybe angry or upset about not being allowed into Israel? NO WAY!
Moses lived By Force of Dedication to Purpose 
And so HE ADDS A NEW MITZVA even at this late date:
Hakhel - that every 7 years the whole people must come up to the Temple,
 to hear the reading of the Torah.
May we all merit to hear the King read from His Torah!


Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion Nitzavim and: Impersonating the Chuka Chuka Rebbe - on Rosh Hashono?

Portion Nitzavim and: Impersonating the Chuka Chuka Rebbe - on Rosh Hashono?


From my first book/first printing:

So let's try to understand this. One week Reb Shlomo Carlebach would say "let this upcoming Shabbos be the greatest Shabbat you ever had!" and

Then the next week Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach would say "let THIS UPcoming Shabbos be the greatest Shabbat you ever had!"

How could he say that every week? And really mean it yet!?!?

Well, just because that's the way it SHOULD BE! And it CAN be so.

With just a little learning and a little effort we can make every Shabbos better than the one before, and make every day better than the one before!

And In Portion Nitzavim Moses says: "everyone HAS to be there" -

That's the key- by inviting guests and talking about shabbat joy!

The Talmud talks about it – but the Talmud doesn't always make you FEEL how close it is to you.

You need a spark! And Reb Shlomo lit a lot of sparks.

(May his memory be blessed)

Sparks To help us learn to make a GREAT Shabbos

Every week

And especially to round off the year.


And yet
there are so many things and people to pray for,

and so many ways to do it,
and there's no time like the current time - and on Rosh Hashono.

Let's have a little real caring healthy New Year

Kesiva VA Chasima Tova

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

(After consulting With Doctor Garfinkle,
Based on Doctor Mosbe Rothkopfs' Version


Portion Key Tavo

Portion Key Tavo
Overview of the Portion - from Lakewood -NJ:
It teaches us - Hey - the Land is 
Going to be Good - so Enter Israel!!
 give thanks when your fruits blossom!!!
That our forebears bought the land and worked it, and
Made peace treaties with whomever in the world would try for peace!
And later the Almighty reminds us to remind ourselves-
Putting up Stone Signs - when  we Cross that River Jordan!
Remember how the Almighty helped us cross the desert to
Get to that land!
BUT forgetting brings its own Curses 
if OIY!!!
if you won't believe how you got to where you are.
Just look what the Almighty did to Egypt!!
There is still the Stones of the Jordan
as a
Warning to the hashemites of Jordan - and beyond Jordan
The blessings and the curses are for the World to remember.
That as Rosh Hashono approaches
And we start a new year soon
Israel is the Gift of the Almighty
And the little spirit of Israel in each of us-
A little Holiness-
Is a gift to all the World
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion Key TayTzay- life and Times of Rabbi Akiva was in - Tel Aviv?

Portion Key TayTzay- life and Times of Rabbi Akiva was in - Tel Aviv?
The portion starts out "When you fo to war" ...
Yesterday Israel security forces in Tel Aviv arrested an Arab who had a machine gun and two pipe bombs  
He recently was released after serving 4 months in prison  for carrying a concealed weapon in a public place
Where do they get machine guns? The US gives them and trains "Palestinian Police"!
Thank G-d he was caught on his way before he could  kill people in Tel Aviv 
Being so close to Rosh HaShono - in Shul we hear the Daily Shofar - a Wake up Call ...
"Return to who you were once before..." sang Rabbi Carlebach -
Before being bombarded by media and movements and "world culture - of terrorists and apologists"
Rachel - wife of Rabbi Akiva - gave of herself so a great potential could become a great world force
Their Daughter was saved by charity - feeding a poor person thereby delaying her wedding ceremony,
she stuck her hairpins in a hole inthe wall and went to the kitchen to get the man some food -
and when she came back -
they both saw the hairpins had been stuck in the eyes of a snake -
which could have killed them both!
Yes Rabbi Akiva lived part of his life near Tel Aviv,
but the Romans took his life when he was teaching in Tiberias -
at the Sea of Galilee - 
for being a leader in the revolt against Rome
(which was successful for 3 years - the only successful revolt in Rome's history)
(in those days MOST Rabbis Ran from the Romans )
But he left us with a couple of holy children
some holy stories
and Genius Insights into the Torah
- which I hope to teach a bit - in New York starting next week -
thru Yom Kippur
Love Health Wisdom - 
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion Ru Ay - Oiy vey - Dont Mess with G-d or the Holi-day!

Portion Ru Ay - Oiy vey - Dont Mess with G-d or the Holi-day!

As Moshe continues his 40 year review,
He warns the nation of Israel to

Stay away from False Prophets
Like the
Putin? china?
Pelosi and her drunk-driver husband?
former governor Cuomo?
Atomic wanna-bees? Who are they kidding?

Greed and jealousy ruin lives - and The World

so the portion starts "take a good look"

and our sages say - it could be simply intellectual
LOOK AT YOURSELVES - and get ready for the Highest Holidays
coming up in 30 days!!!

So we are told to leave a gentle "footprint"
On the Earth,
with our
Kosher laws that restrain some exceses

And the portion gives us a
Holiday calendar review - TO REMIND US TO BRING JOY TO OTHERS

(I just gave 200 shekels to a family with 4 kids who couldn't
afford shoes for the school year starting next week
nobody I know - just saw the trunk of a neighbor I trust
and it was filled with food - so I asked "for who?"

so anyone who wants to donate $10 or so to them -
or the families of the 3 fellows who were "hacked" by axe -
can get me the money when I get to New York in 3 weeks


Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion Eikev – What Moses and all great Torah Scholars for 3000 years are teaching us

Portion Eikev – What Moses and all great Torah Scholars for 3000 years are teaching us


As we learned together-

for my friends' son's Bar Mitzva this Shabbat

from this Portion What the Almighty wishes for all of us


The portion starts out with


And that if we preserve the covenant between our forefathers and G-d

(Abraham Isaac Jacob Sarah Rebecca Rachel and Leah)

That G-d will also be merciful to us – even in a difficult world - and

Our parents and their parents have carried on that covenant – and the Almighty has been merciful to us

G-d will never forget the Covenant with our forefathers and mothers

So we should not forget that covenant either

And the Almighty does Chesed - loving kindness

And so shall we

Live doing kindness –

because that is the Jewish way of living and

We shall receive holiness in those blessings

And children

Like my wonderful family

Who are all blessings to the world and

Health – we have got to thank G d for that too

(And for all our friends and teammates) and

Later in portion when G-d tells us to

Teach to your children…. ...

We learn from that – as taught by

Rav Druck -at the great synagogue kolel who wrote in TIFERET MORDECHAI

One of his books

That when the Portion says

... "and teach your children" it means four ways of Torah teachings:

1 to keep the Torah

As the important part of our souls

And to


One Must Not be afraid to work and study on understanding all of the Torah books


Rather than only talking with others about basic things- share Torah thoughts

And don't keep holy thoughts only to yourself-

learn the joy of sharing Torah thoughts

and study

4 "the inside ...the secrets of the torah - the lights from the Torah" that guide our lives also

So Ely on Shabbat will say (and we should always remember)

Dad and Mom – thanks for loving and teaching and working with me (us) always and

I want to thank all the family

Who are also like those lights from the torah that we all need

And my grandparents, and everyone here – for keeping that covenant with the Almighty who has protected our people and our heritage for these last 3000 years,

And which it is my great privilege to continue

Shabbat Shalom to all


Rabbi Andy Chanoch Eichenholz


Portion Va Et Cha nan - Moses pleads, Hamas Attacks the Ten Commandments, and Politics

 Portion Va Et Cha nan - Moses pleads, Hamas Attacks the Ten Commandments, and Politics

Lets make this quick because I write this on a fast day (9 AV)

Moses left Egypt - and Moses Maimònides too -
(Also from Egypt? YES but now buried in Tiberias
where I was this week)

So what are Moses pleadings right from his first words?

(This Message Completed Friday 15th Av - a Holiday)

But Wait! Quick is not in the cards for this Portion of:

Ten Commandments (repeated in the Torah again -
now to seek World Holiness)
Shemah Yisrael (yes there IS a G-d)
And Answers (it says) you MUST teach to your Children -
Or grandchildren -who must get the points of WHY we LEFT EGYPT

Okay - quickly - the portion teaches us HOW

to love G d love wisdom love the way we are

to Love children and Shabbos and Holiness.

Is this a little much to absorb for a summer weekend? Okay...
Certainly Hamas doesn't get it! Who are those terrorists anyway?

So why is there NO HOLIDAY CALLED HOLINESS DAY? In ANY country!

Today is "15th of Av" - sometimes called the Holiday of Love

but it is really (see the Talmud) the Holiday of Making Matches -


In the 10 Commandments is says
Do Not Kill - is that SO hard for nations to swallow?

How Stupid Not to end lies like UN accusing Israel every week,
and ignoring Random Missles shot at civilians by crazies in Gaza
( with a taste for blood - and money)

And the propaganda from Putin ?

and Communist China is just Testing Missles - why?
Not to frighten people into enslavement by the

Peoples Republic of Chinese Manufacturism?


WHY do cartels and drug lords stoop to terrorism and gangsterism?

Arent there any smart honest leaders in the world to stop their abuses?

So Moses pleads right from the first words of this Portion:
asking the Almighty:

I listened,
I didnt attack Edom
I only Defended when attacked by Amalek and Moav and Og

I set up Honest Courts in the desert

Let me please - Almighty - go into Israel

And teach the world by example

How to set up a Sane Society

The answer he got was ... it seems ... the world wasn't ready yet

Are we finally ready on this year's 15 of Av - ready
to share a HOLY vision FOR ALL

the same as we read in the Torah
"Hear oh Israel ... yes there is an Almighty -
Whose NAME is ONE?

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion Devarim and Tisha Bav - going thru Red Lights

Portion Devarim and Tisha Bav - going thru Red Lights

The Torah Reading before Tisha Bav is always Portion Devarim, and it's

A quick review by Moses - who was to "be leaving the world in 30 days"-

And who reminds the Israelites - and us - of 40 years of issues,
and reminds them to

not attack relative-tribes-
But when they attack us -
Moses reminds us how the Almighty helped us win each battle -

and Remember- all of what is now "trans jordan " - the kingdom Britain created to fight the Jews - was ours for over 300 years!!!

How are we being attacked now?
The imams in Israel are telling their supporters to kill with axes and knives and car rammings! What a combination!

So now, today, just before commemorating our TEMPLES' destructions:

Daily lies in the media about Israel (from UN Jew-haters)

And make believe "palestinian history" created by burning
Jewish Archaeological history

and Arabs who are killing Jews on roads -
as well as each other with family fights and killing girls
when the family doesnt agree on boyfriends -
As I read in daily and
The local weeky articles)

Politicians are fighting and
Palestinians are Shooting and throwing heavy rocks at cars

And Russia is murdering
And China is practicing for an attack on Taiwan

So what are YOU praying for this weekend?

Some Relatives came over yesterday and asked ..
Do you really eat no meat this week (before Tisha B'Av)
So I explained to them about the
Rules of Mourning - and asked them:

don't you know , that about a mllion Jews were killed
with the First temple destruction
and the
Same or more with the second temple (by the Romans)!

(Dont believe it? Hitler wiped out 6 million 1900 years later!)

So we don't eat meat for a week - and we mourn all our losses

Another relative asked about washing dishes
So I tried to explain A Torah Rule:

Why I don't was dishes in hot water
and always put soap right away on dishes in the sink -

because that way I don't have to worry about someone
mixing up Dairy with Meat or Pareve silverware!

So does "The Exile" end with JOY (as one Rabbi explained here 445 AM on the radio (before my 5AM class)

and everyone can INCREASE JOY -
like - do a couple of favors for others and enjoy the smiles!!!

Or like a different Rabbi was quoting:
"the exile Ends with teaching Torah"

Like the above rules on keeping meat and dairy dishes from mixing up.

My Kabbalistic Rebbe taught recently that a BIG STEP would be
if rich people would stop using their clout to abuse the less fortunate.

AND Maybe praying for WORLD LEADERS
and writing to them
TO BE ACCOUNTABLE - really helps?

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz


Portion Mas'Aiy of Murders and Marriages Mixed

Portion Mas'Aiy of Murders and Marriages Mixed
Our Torah Portion this week deals with killing - and it's Very "Today"!
CRIME sounds like it's built into America - but Mass Murder Shootings?
Murder. It sounds so evil - and it IS!
On Thursday a Palestinian Arab rammed his car - while driving on the other side of a solid while line - to  hit a car
which was
Driven by a Jewish woman with her 4 kids inside,
  killing the 6 year old boy,
and putting his family in the hospital .
With his baby brother in pediatric intensive care - a boy was murdered - 
While the two in the ramming car got away  in the "palestinian territory".
We all know that huge stipends are paid by the PA to terrorists who kill Israelis - and to their families -
And American tax money pays for some of this - with European partners , despite the Taylor Force Act passed by Congress!
This is murder.
The Torah is lenient in accident csses - But Not With Murder.
In our Portion, 
Jewish Judges are adjured to utilize  models for deciding who is a murderer and Who is Guilty And - what is truly accidental. 
 I just got a long article on that of Rabbi Neriya's,
About who The Torah says is to investigate murders, and
Who who to bring to court ,
And how to decide on  those who were not premeditating.
And how sometimes,
our ancient justice system decided on execution of murderers.
So the Torah is NOT out of date!
So what do we ALSO find in our Portion that
 is the Jewish Opposite of what we discussed above?
On returning to Israel last week, one of my two study partners greeted me and said, He was very hapy after he had 
Just come back after a week stuck home with Covid,
BUT he was SUPER happy as he
Said his Daughter just got engaged!
And speaking of Traditional Marriage
I was so happy that well...
We All Need To Celebrate More Simchas -
Joyous Jewish Happenings.
Putting it all Together to Finalize this SHABBAT reading of Book 4 of the
5 books of Moses this Shabbat
Rabbi Carlebach taught us that
Moses' last Official Duty,
Was to precide at what the ending of our 
Portion Ma'Say depicts-
The Weddings of the 5 Daughters of Zelafchad!
May this summer turn into a
Great Time of Joy - for all good SOULS
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion Pinchas in US and Matos in Israel - as Timing is King

Portion Pinchas in US and Matos in Israel - as Timing is King
We  bless the new moon on Shabbat, and it's just
2 moons (months) Before Rosb Hashonah -
And we need some praying for a better coming year!
This past year we saw a murderous Putin attack on Ukraine, and a disruptive China lockdown and new Iran nuclear threats etc.
And we should probably start looking for new inspiration to help strengthen us for whatever is coming.
Where is the human factor in all this? The inspiration?
The inspiration is in the teaching of compromise by Moses - inspired by G-d - the antidote to war and greed...
In our portions...
Portion Chukas  " read in the  diaspora" we see
Moses prepares the 12 tribes and 12 military divisions to enter a new world
To leave the desert wandering and settle down when entering Israel proper.
Portion Matos‐‐in israel teaches-
Based on Rabbi
Moshe tzvvi Neriya who says:

 it is a disappointed Moses who organizes a deal with three tribes who desire land outside the original boundary of Israel

According to Rabbi Neriya, Moses worries, 
 "And why should the heart of the children (12 tribes of Israel)   be defiled by three tribes who do not want to shepherd their flocks in Canaan" As did Abraham Isaac and Jacob?
So Moses The Military Leader strikes an agreement: 
that is, a military force of several tens of thousands of Israelis from the tribes of Gad and Reuven ,

 Who Moses then allows  them to live on the land of the first three kings who attacked the Israelites - and lost...

 however, Moses' heart ached from the political approach that views everything in terms of property and achievement. 
That's selfishness. 
So the Torah hinted to us his disgust from all this practical approach (by instead of starting the story of the event in the usual way
 "and the sons of Gad will come
And the sons of Reuben,"
By couching it in 

Terms of the "economy" and selfishness in the three tribes.
Moses had to demand devotion of those 3 tribes who inherited over the Jordan, and he won their agreement,
Including pioneering training for all the sons of Gad and Reuben together; no shirkers allowed.
And there was no in-fighting despite Moses' compromise!
May it be a model also for today.
Shabbat Shalom 
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz
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