Portion Eikev – What Moses and all great Torah Scholars for 3000 years are teaching us

Portion Eikev – What Moses and all great Torah Scholars for 3000 years are teaching us


As we learned together-

for my friends' son's Bar Mitzva this Shabbat

from this Portion What the Almighty wishes for all of us


The portion starts out with


And that if we preserve the covenant between our forefathers and G-d

(Abraham Isaac Jacob Sarah Rebecca Rachel and Leah)

That G-d will also be merciful to us – even in a difficult world - and

Our parents and their parents have carried on that covenant – and the Almighty has been merciful to us

G-d will never forget the Covenant with our forefathers and mothers

So we should not forget that covenant either

And the Almighty does Chesed - loving kindness

And so shall we

Live doing kindness –

because that is the Jewish way of living and

We shall receive holiness in those blessings

And children

Like my wonderful family

Who are all blessings to the world and

Health – we have got to thank G d for that too

(And for all our friends and teammates) and

Later in portion when G-d tells us to

Teach to your children…. ...

We learn from that – as taught by

Rav Druck -at the great synagogue kolel who wrote in TIFERET MORDECHAI

One of his books

That when the Portion says

... "and teach your children" it means four ways of Torah teachings:

1 to keep the Torah

As the important part of our souls

And to


One Must Not be afraid to work and study on understanding all of the Torah books


Rather than only talking with others about basic things- share Torah thoughts

And don't keep holy thoughts only to yourself-

learn the joy of sharing Torah thoughts

and study

4 "the inside ...the secrets of the torah - the lights from the Torah" that guide our lives also

So Ely on Shabbat will say (and we should always remember)

Dad and Mom – thanks for loving and teaching and working with me (us) always and

I want to thank all the family

Who are also like those lights from the torah that we all need

And my grandparents, and everyone here – for keeping that covenant with the Almighty who has protected our people and our heritage for these last 3000 years,

And which it is my great privilege to continue

Shabbat Shalom to all


Rabbi Andy Chanoch Eichenholz