Portion Beh Choo Koa Tai in Israel - Blessing or Curse

Portion Beh Choo Koa Tai in Israel - Blessing or Curse
It's Lag B'Omer in Israel -  today Thursday And
instead of  250,000 visitors in Rebbe Shimon's (Meron ) tomb - only 16000 at one time are allowed - switching every 4 hours, 
because of the tragedy last year when many people were crushed.
It was necessary ... and enforced by the police.
So today reminds me of visiting there with my friend Rabbi Itzik (so long ago)... 
and he was mostly in a wheelchair, and I pushed him up the hill (BIG HILL)
To pray at the tomb, 
Of the Rebbe Shimon of the Kabala (Zohar).
So how does hardship or tragedy or disability play a role in our lives?
It depends how we choose-
So why do people complain individually about "the world" ?
 G-d's promises are always to the Whole People of Israel-
not to Harry
Not to Gwen!
For lots of reasons Harry and Gwen should pray to the Almighty - it's positive to the soul.
but BLAME - it's always a negative to the spirit -
Life is a cycle - sometimes up sometimes down - no matter what the Portion teaches us.
I often took a subway and went to visit him . He was a very upbeat person.
He loved his grandchildren.
He helped many people and holocaust survivors - even without having much money -
Collecting charity from the rich and delivering food to poor families
( a few times I helped him Thursday night leave packages outside poor peoples' homes).
I am thinking of dovening at the kotel now 
- the Western Wall tonight, and to say kaddish there - for friends,
For family,
For the victims of last year,
the victimes of Putin's war... and
For all those victims of the ancient tragedies foretold in the Torah Portion this week!
But also for the living - because Kaddish is a prayer of Hope and Renewal
 for a better, holier world.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz