Portion Emor in Israel - Big Things are Happening

 Portion Emor in Israel - Big Things are Happening
Israel Independence, Holocaust Rememberance Day, and Putin makes new threats, and is it all connected?
In the Torah portion Emor-which is read on Shabbat - it
 continues with Jewish Rules of Holiness from last week - 
which are read this week -In The Diaspora -outside of Israel
Whats that got to do with a story about a boy built from diamonds -
 written by Rebbe Nachman of Breslav 200 years ago?
In short thrre are rules about men women and marriages in both portions
And in the story there is a very smart but jealous sister who gets a magician to curse the Diamond boy (son of the King), and in short...
The sister in cahoots with the devil
 is found out by the Holy Man,
 who figures iut how to end the curse, thank G-d
One theme is that a kind Queen is better than a Jealous princess ...
Is putin jealous of Zelinsky? Or of Israel -
or of Stalin?
On Israel Independence Day today:
Celbrations last night were fireworks, and 
Today BarBques are customary ....
So the portion gives some rules of behavior -
and tries to get us towards more family values
 Like positive occasions
Attached please see a short clip from the celebration at 
The Old Railway Statio  in Jerusalem last night
So don't fall for the lies about Israel and Judaism
Just celebrate the miracles we are living through!
Yom HaAtzMaUt Samayach (happy Israel Independence Day)
Shabbat Shabbat
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz