Portion Chukat in USA-Balak in Israel - on Donkeys and Death

Portion Chukat in USA-Balak in Israel - on Donkeys and Death
This week let's look at Traditional Laws and Traditions as Torah (in Judaism)
As I wrote in my book "Seeking Reb Shlomo" - everyone has complaints about something!
Sadly a majority of Jewish People outside Israel seem to blame the Almighty for EVERYTHING -
especially what happened many many years before!
Even those that acknowledge Jewish traditions find fault: How could the Almighty write such things in the Bible?
In Portion Chukat people worry about the concept of Tuma and Tahara - that is, laws of "ritually clean or not"
In Portion Balak everyone worries about the Talking Donkey - what's he doing there? Moses threw that one in?
Come on, now -
Why pick on our ancient traditions when there is so much joy to be found-
As well as ancient BUT ETERNAL wisdom-
By carefully reading the portions!
Don't get me wrong - I too have questions - but the JOY IS IN THE LEARNING FOR LIFE!
This world is so devoid of respect - and so full of abuses and bloodshed!
So here are just a couple of quick thoughts:
the "Tuma" wisdom shows how to respect life - not only after people participate in a funeral!
The donkey wisdom is so clear - Why does the donkey wait until he is hit three times?
  Every word is applicable to our lives today - and giving some thought to the Torah might give us a new perspective on
If you read these portions with love of   G-dly wisdom
It might just give a holy perspective to us all

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz