Portion Devarim and Tisha Bav - going thru Red Lights

Portion Devarim and Tisha Bav - going thru Red Lights

The Torah Reading before Tisha Bav is always Portion Devarim, and it's

A quick review by Moses - who was to "be leaving the world in 30 days"-

And who reminds the Israelites - and us - of 40 years of issues,
and reminds them to

not attack relative-tribes-
But when they attack us -
Moses reminds us how the Almighty helped us win each battle -

and Remember- all of what is now "trans jordan " - the kingdom Britain created to fight the Jews - was ours for over 300 years!!!

How are we being attacked now?
The imams in Israel are telling their supporters to kill with axes and knives and car rammings! What a combination!

So now, today, just before commemorating our TEMPLES' destructions:

Daily lies in the media about Israel (from UN Jew-haters)

And make believe "palestinian history" created by burning
Jewish Archaeological history

and Arabs who are killing Jews on roads -
as well as each other with family fights and killing girls
when the family doesnt agree on boyfriends -
As I read in daily and
The local weeky articles)

Politicians are fighting and
Palestinians are Shooting and throwing heavy rocks at cars

And Russia is murdering
And China is practicing for an attack on Taiwan

So what are YOU praying for this weekend?

Some Relatives came over yesterday and asked ..
Do you really eat no meat this week (before Tisha B'Av)
So I explained to them about the
Rules of Mourning - and asked them:

don't you know , that about a mllion Jews were killed
with the First temple destruction
and the
Same or more with the second temple (by the Romans)!

(Dont believe it? Hitler wiped out 6 million 1900 years later!)

So we don't eat meat for a week - and we mourn all our losses

Another relative asked about washing dishes
So I tried to explain A Torah Rule:

Why I don't was dishes in hot water
and always put soap right away on dishes in the sink -

because that way I don't have to worry about someone
mixing up Dairy with Meat or Pareve silverware!

So does "The Exile" end with JOY (as one Rabbi explained here 445 AM on the radio (before my 5AM class)

and everyone can INCREASE JOY -
like - do a couple of favors for others and enjoy the smiles!!!

Or like a different Rabbi was quoting:
"the exile Ends with teaching Torah"

Like the above rules on keeping meat and dairy dishes from mixing up.

My Kabbalistic Rebbe taught recently that a BIG STEP would be
if rich people would stop using their clout to abuse the less fortunate.

AND Maybe praying for WORLD LEADERS
and writing to them
TO BE ACCOUNTABLE - really helps?

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz