Portion Bamidbar ... these numbers don't lie

Portion Bamidbar ... these numbers don't lie
So this Shabbat we read Torah Portions
Bechukotai in the Diaspora
and Bamidbar in Israel
Murders in Texas have a "Bchukotai" ring to them ...
Liars on CNN - lead us to need a BAMIDBAR - desert protection formation!
CNN quoting an Arab politician claimed Israeli soldiers killed a journalist -
But this is totally not fact-based -
It is used to inflame anti-semitism and Israel hatred -
to help Arabs steal more and more of Israel. while politicians debate -
CNN'd claim disputs 3000 years of history-
So let's take a look at the Bamidbar story:
Moses and our Leaders in the desert
Are Counting "the troops",
and organizing lines of defense in the desert
- and lines of command...
Similar to the Israel Defense Force (IDF) today - our Army -
whose purpose and functioning is to DEFEND Israelis - Jews and Arabs alike!
Someone in Shul suggested the Bamidbar Counting is to show
Individual Responsibily ... and for the Torah and the Almighty - everyone "counts" -
But remember - the People of Israel get promises "to the People" -
and while individuals all count -
The Torah Binds Us Together
To teach the WORLD that G-d's purpose is for us to LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER
Blessings of Love Frendship Sharing and Health
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz