Parashat Hashavua

Portion BHa ah Lote cha- Coins from the Gallus revolt in Lod

Portion BHa ah Lote cha- and Coins from the Gallus revolt in Lod Why did Israel keep trying to get the Romans off their backs (until someone else conquerred Israel)?

This week's Portion highlites candle lighting, Shofar blowing, and respect for Moshe (who even shared his prophetic powers with the elders of the tribes - yet was still being gossiped about)!

The Jewish Temple and traditions are and always were always about celebrating Human. Connections to Holiness

All the other ancient civilizations were about
And forced conversion - all anathema to Judaism

And today? Russia? China? Iran? North Korea?

Honest economics are not against Judaism. Jews have always faced challenges to surviving various attacks - even from socialism

So see the beĺow- coins hidden by the Jews of Lod, during a rebellion against Rome which sadly did not ŵork according to plan.

These coins displayed just this week - they treat us to a new insight into the constant Israelite struggle for holinèss to free itself from totalitarian mentalities and opression.

As it says in the Portion - The priests the sons of Aharon - have to learn to

It's time for the world to get onto the program.

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion Nasoh - relationships catapulting us to the forefront

 Portion Nasoh - relationships catapulting us to the forefront
This Portion depicts relationships - on a national level
And interpersonal 
And between the Jewish People and the commandments !
Husbañds and wivès somtimes suspect each other...
And have to work thñg out.
But the 12 Prresidents ofçþwhen giving offerings to the building of the Mishkan in the desert
Were not jealous of one another! 
They each brought the exact equal gift!
And how do we relate to the 613 Commandments of Tòrah?

Rabbi Carlebach used to say:

Mamesh (MEANS : in Reality) the Rebbe of Chortkov hardly ate, hardly slept, but he mamesh when it came to Hagba ( the honor of lifting the Torah) he picked up the heaviest Torah with ease. So he said “ When is the Torah heavy ? Ŵhen you are carrying it,  but  when you let the Torah carry you, it's not heavy, it’s Mamash, light.
What a gevalt.
Good Shabbos

Shabbat Shalom
 Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion BeChuKoTai - the antidote for ALL

Portion BeChuKoTai - the antidote for ALL
The portion contains curses and warninĝs
about what happens
When ego and greed get the better of us
also if we don't respect "the Land".
What does the Portion tell us?
That we "will be swallowed up in our exile."
What does that prophecy mean?
Look at the Jewish Exile
Why do we
How is that a PART OF THE CURRENT ANTI ISRAEL Environment is from Jews?
What Does Their Hatred mean for the world?
Below Picture : Synagogue at Ben Gurion airport on my way to NY...
While I was waiting to pray
Before boarding my flight to the US, 
And I was
Studying Talmud 91 Baba Metzia -
Which Talks about who you have to feed,
And when workers can drink what they want as they make the wine....
You dont have to be a prophet
To understand
Some things that simply make sense
Basic human values are daily ignored
If there  is no connection to 
A G-dly plan 
Or if you believe G-d created any people
To be used as target practice
Or to be targets of your home grown rage
Yes, the Portion tells us to walk in
G-dly paths
May we all focus at least a few minutes a day on finding
And leading the world
Towards G-dly paths
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion Behar - Blow the Shofar? on Morris Katz...?

 Portion Behar - Blow the Shofar? on Morris Katz...?
One of my co workers has 2 sons in Gaza - reserve soldiers. - and One had a birthday this week.
See the picture below!

?What's written on the Liberty Bell in the US – and the COPY in Jerusalem's Liberty Bell Park

Isn't it insane for the 2024 "new world order"

 to IGNORE the words from this Portion
 "proclaim liberty throughout the land and to ALL…"
Yes it's

from this week's Portion! It doesn't say "except for Jews"! It doesn't say "kill the Jews".

Any Hunger IN GAZA is controlled by the Hamas Nazis stealing aid and selling food. 
No army in history EVER fed their enemies who hide missiles in schools and hospitals, and weapons in cemeteries and "neutral? UN" buildings, and in children's bedrooms.
Much of the Portion Behar deals with protecting ALL the poor 
and also maintaining ALL JEWS' land ownership in Israel – 
not some make believe conglomeration of Arabs who settled IN ISRAEL just because 
the JEWS made work for them ALL – and developed a 2000 year abandoned desert!
Arabs in Gaza had the last 25 years to DEVELOP – but instead they killed each other, and us

They frightened the world and took billions in hush money - and created HamasNaziLand.

But every year we read this Portion with laws to protect and help ALL others –


As an aside - about beating Hamas and Nazis
YIVO is doing a zoom session study on Jewish creativity 
Focusing on the art of my old friend
Holocsust survivor Morris Katz (may his memory be blessed)
He once told me - 
Andy, everyon comes here to my place, and leaves,
But you fixed the tiles and ceiling in the bathroom bdefore you left!
You are welcome to stay here any time!
Jews are often creative and often help - and sometimes fix things.
Sent with love hope and prayers from Jerusalem

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz


Portion ACHAREI mote - after the Passing

Portion ACHAREI mote - after the Passing
Passing? Like in
A game of political football?
This week's news is replete with
Anti Western Values , passing the buck,
And making evil demands.
Will Anti Semitism never end?
This week the Torah Portion is the SOURCE 
Of Yom Kippur readings - and
National and Family values
Sacrifices were offered foe penance
Of the Priesthood and the nation,  and rules are given for maintaining societal values.
And the spiritual side?
 Rabbi Carlebach explained some of the
Yom Kippur readings according to
Kabbalistic Values.
He taught:
“Everybody's gonna jump for joy”
Reb Shlomo Carlebach On Parshas Acharei Mos
The Right Draws Close 
Chazal say that on Yom Kippur, when the ... (lottery of the 'goat for G-d', ) came out in the  High Priest's right hand, this was a good sign. 
The heilige "High" Sochachover (Rebbe) says the Torah is teaching us here 
how to bring people closer to G-d, 
by (the saying in the Gemara) 
"The left hand 'pushes away' and (but) the right hand 'draws close."
 That's why the (positive lot) is in the right hand.
 the Shem MiShmuel, tells us the deepest depths of the right drawing someone close:
 When we show someone how good they can be, the bad automatically falls away...
(And) the Baal Shem Tov says, "Sur me'ra" ("Turn away from bad, and do good." Tehillim 34:15) means turn away from dealing every day with fighting the bad and just do good, with joy...
Joy is the greatest power to turn things to good!
Good Shabbos!"
I think
Sometimes even a cute picture creates joy.
I promised Leah this AM to take a picture for her
So see below the local wildlife walking around!
If only we could learn more from wildlife!
Shabbat Shalom 
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz 

Portion Tazria- with Rav Shlomo Carlebach Comment on Women

Portion Tazria- with Rav Shlomo Carlebach Comment on Women
Laws pertaining to childbirth are featured in this Portion.
Now for the NEWS:
This week, Lily Ebert, a 100-year-old Auschwitz survivor, became a great-great-grandma.
_"I never  expected to survive the Holocaust.
 Now I have five beautiful generations. The Nazis did not win!"_
From near-death at Auschwitz to five generations of Jewish life. - 
Is that what you can call-
Jewish Woman Power?
Cleaning for Passover. (ERNIE joke?)
Woman: it's almost Passover
Guy: It's not until next week!
Also Rabbi Neria commenting on the difference between
Men and Women - in the creation story:
The word used by Hashem for Creating Man is :
Va yotzer - a Creative Act
The word in the story about Creating Eve is the root
And so the Talmud explains 
Creativity creates man
But Wisdom to build a home and family is the
 functionality of the woman 
Reb Shlomo Carlebach
On Parsha Tazria 
I want to share this with you on the deepest depths.
When a woman gives birth to a child ...
Everyone says, a woman when she gives birth to a baby, it's the highest experience in the world.
 The most G-d like thing in the world is to bring a baby into the world. 
 Something else.
Now listen to this, this is the deepest depths.
 The truth is, in the creation of the baby there are three partners, G-d the Father & the Mother. 
In the birth itself there are only two partners, the mother & G-d. 
Gevalt is that awesome.
Everybody is asking why is it that Yiddishkeit depends on the mother?
Because as much as the father is a partner in creating the baby, 
mamash in giving birth it is only the mother & G-d. 
So this is why the Jewishness of the baby depends on the mother.
I want to share something awesome with you. The truth is, there is nothing more close between two souls than a mother and her baby for nine months.
You can be very close to a human being but you can never be that close.
You see what it is? You can be very close but I am doing my breathing and you are doing your own breathing. I eat my food, you eat your food.
 Can you imagine for 9 months I am so close to a little soul? They are mamash the same breath,the same food,the same everything.
 And you know friends, A father can give over to a baby what to do, what to eat - it's all cute and sweet. 
It doesn't compare to the teaching the mother gives over to the baby at the moment when the baby is born. 

So in the craziest deepest way, whenever a Jewish baby is born, at that very instant, 
since the mother is ready to be impure for the baby, the baby is learning from the mother to have Mesirus Nefesh (self-sacrifice-selflessness) for G-d.
 It's unbelievable, the deepest depths of the Torah of Mashiach
Let it be now! 
Good Shabbos!
PS Rabbi Carlebach was very close with his Mom (of blessed memory, whom I knew)
And also with his two daughters.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz 


Portion Shemini on Fire and Fire and Fire

 Portion Shemini on Fire and Fire and Fire
The picture below was taken across from the school I walk my youngest daughter to 
Cute rabbit, chicken, and a peacock that walk outside our zoo most mornings while I use the outdoor training machines.
"Friendly" fire?
This morning the army spokesperson explained about the night time convoy where aid workers were killed a few days ago in Gaza. It was a case of work not coordinated with our troops at night in the middle of a war zone. 
He apologized.
But please make it clear: 
we are still in the middle of a war to end bombings of our civilians by Hamas, who were voted into office by Gaza civilians,
 who follow and approve their plans.
On the bus from Jerusalem Wednesday  night I was chatting Torah - concepts ( thank  you Tzvi and Yehoshua } -
I asked one 20 year old yeshiva Bucher what he thought about Maris ayin -
evoking an accusatory response when people question others' actions - and intentions?
He thought that "whatever everybody knows" is not MarisAyin. But how do you gage intent?
Am I being bad if I don't say hi to everyone on the long bus ride home?
Another thing that came up was about neutering cats. Is that suspect - in a country where the cat population doubles with increases of garbage?
I think the intent - Kavanah today (your own cat) - is not to confuse G-d's "concept of creation" - any more than the concept of having a PET is!
If you need to have a pet you need to consider the ramifications of a pet running wild in a developed city! Pets were not a regular occurance a thousand years ago!
One day at  Mincha this week I studied Zohar - KABALA . The author of Zohar asked
Why does Hashem get Nachas from burnt sacrifices -  korbanot (as per the Portion)?
And this Portion speaks how the 2 elder sons of Aron did not survive the inauguration of the Temple in the Sinai desert!
The Torah says they were consumed by the strange fire. They lit the incense with strange fire.
Moshe tells Aron "Bikrovai Ekadesh" that the tragedy was hinted at by the Almighty. 
But where is the justice? Just ...
They made some mistakes ?
How many kinds of FIRE are there.
Ben , a neighbor, pointed out from the Talmud (Masechet Menachot ) : Tosefot (comments):
The Angel Michael -  G-ds general minister -
Offers daily "in the temple in heaven - souls
Nishmot - of holy tzadikim (like Aron's sons?)
Or maybe like Behemot-animal sacrifices?
Rabi Elimelech explains on our portion 
... thats how to defeat our enemies! What's that?
The Holy tzadik lowers his seĺf concept - non  Ego - To consider himself no better than like "behayma" - basically no higher than an animal -
And still to pray,  and be merciful , and connect to a G-dliness design of our world!
Which is the "Jewish fire" way to defeat the 
Inhumane lifestyle of Israel's enemies!
May we succeed soon!
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Remember - Zachor portion

Remember - Jews don't throw rocks (in general)
this is the Portion Zachor - to remember (especially the Evil of Amalekites) 
Israelis also NEVER target children - going back to thew ars of King Saul
(except for the disagreement between Rabbis 
in Talmud - Yevamot 22b and commentators
who ask "did king saul kill amalekite children in that war 3000 years ago?"
and the end of the discussion is:
don't try to be more "merciful" than G-d - who makes the rules)
(I saw the video - my friend's son is in that anti terror unit - Duvdevan - meaning "cherry" - that
"captured" the director's office!)
and in Judea and Samaria -On Thursday, March 21, 2024, 9:35:06 PM EDT, 
"The IDF on Thursday concluded a 12-hour brigade-level operation in the Nur a-Shams refugee camp near Tulkarm, resulting in the death of four terrorists, the arrest of three suspects 
and the discovery of explosives beneath roads
So "what'snews Andy" as my holy neighbor Fraidy - who survived the holocaust - used to ask!
News from Israel Wednesday
A kid's after-school parade in the old city of jerusalem - 
where some of whose JEWISH BUILT walls are from 2600 years ago -
was disrupted when someone on a rooftop threw a rock that hit the head of a 5 year old
Another news item today - the man who masterminded" the kidnap and murder of 3 Jewish teens (one was a neighbor of mine - whose grandfather I knew 40 years ago)
was captured in Shifa Hospital in Gaza!
According to the torah - there is no penance for murder 
Why is it a must that we celebrate Purim?
The miracle of Purim is that not one Jew was killed or even hurt. 
Thank Hashem. 
Even though They wanted to Kill every Jew, 
and because no one at all was even hurt, we celebrate like crazy..
May Hashem protect all Israel
Shabbat Shalom
Good Purim
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion Vayakhel - and proportion - everything in proportion - really? Except serving God's purpose!

Portion  Vayakhel and proportion - everything in proportion - really? Except serving God's purpose!
From Rabbi Carlebach:
(Explained a bit by AE)
Many people worked on balding our beautiful Tabernacle in the desert.
When Moshe put the Mishkan together - it all fit together perfectly.
How was it possible?
Now I want you to open your hearts in the deepest way.
Everyone (individually) has something very sacred, but it is covered. It is hidden.
 R. Noson teaches that when it comes to the building of the Mishkan, each YIdel brought this one point - a good point - that he had. 
Moshe Rabbnu had all the  good points - and built the Mishkan with it.
So you see, the tabernacle is built from these little dots, these little things.
So here comes the story.
 Rabbi Elimelech dreamed that the Third Temple was being built, and saw millions of people running around like crazy. So he stopped one of his angels and said, "You are wasting so much time. If you had less people then you would not fall on each other and finish the work faster." 
So the angel looked at him and said: "You do not understand Rabbi Elimelech , God wants everyone to participate in the rebuilding of the Temple.
May we all be privileged to take part in the rebuilding of the Temple, and may it be now!
Shabbat Shalom!
Shlomo (Rabbi Carlibach)
And (AE) to add my daily experience///....
So this lovely mixed couple (Ashkenazi Sepharadi) <img class="an1" draggable="false" src="" alt="

Portion Key TeaSaw : the Portion warned us WATCH: IDF finding weapons hidden in UNRWA bags?

Portion Key TeaSaw : the Portion warned us WATCH: IDF finding weapons hidden in UNRWA bags?
Rabbi Carlebach from S Wax, and some news not everyone sees
“If we walk together little children
We don't ever have to worry
Through this world of trouble
We gotta love one another”
From Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach on Parsha Ki Sisa:
Exodus 32:32 (Moses to the Almighty: “Yet now, if You would but forgive their sin--; and if not, erase me now I pray Thee, out of Thy book which you have written
I want you to know something so special. 
Why did the angel come to tell Avraham that S’dom, will be destroyed
and at the same time he tells him you will have a son Yitzchak? 
Because this was the whole thing. G-d says “I cannot trust you with Jewish children unless you believe
that the Torah is stronger than the whole world.”
I can teach my children that the only way to be a Jew is to keep away from the world, 
because G-d forbid if you get involved with the world - you can't turn back.” 
Or I can teach my child that Gevalt, the Torah is so holy, the Torah can change the whole world,
 I have dynamite in my pockets.” 
After the Golden Calf, G-d says to Moshe, “I have to wipe out the Yidden because they are worshipping idols.”
 Moshe Rabbeinu says, “What kind of a Torah did you give me? Did you give me a Torah that can't change idol worshipers?” 
You mean to say that the Torah is only good for someone who does good his whole life? You make a mistake and you are out? It's not a Torah I'm interested in .... Please give me a Torah which can take a Yid who is worshipping idols and can still change.” 
I don't want to say anything bad - what's a little bit wrong with our Yidden? They ...  don't believe that one
 awesome Shabbos can change him. They don't believe that one Torah of the Heilige Ishebitzer can turn over his kishkes.
The Kuzimer says something out of this world. 
When Moshe Rabbeinu broke the tablets, what was he really saying? “Master of the World ..., do you want me to be the only ... - righteous person? I refuse. I want to be together with all the Yidden. If they do wrong, I want to be with them to hopefully show them what's right.
Imagine if all of us would learn this Torah, how much we would all love each other.
Good Shabbos! From Rabbi Carlebach
Yes, friends - in many generations the Jewish People have influenced the world for the better.
This week - In  Portion Key TeeSeeSaw however warned us: SO
 WATCH: the IDF finds weapons hidden in UNRWA bags!
See the below video on JustWhy we need to keep Israel free of some's pretty clear . 
Just watch this video. 
Maybe the radicals in the world paid for by crazies like the Soros family want to destroy any chance of 
a world free from crime rampages and destructions.
Rabbi Carlebach teaches hope! Which CAN WORK  but...
This week's Portion KEY teaSaw - shows that even after
building the "Mishkan (the temple we built in the desert" -)
The Torah goes BACK TO THE GOLDEN CALF STORY of Rampage and Wilding which is
maybe to remind us that those things happen - from the primitive part of  humanity ...
and that we must beware of those tendencies !
But then in the end of the portion there are a few rules we all can follow
To stabilize society - like the Shalosh Regalim (the strong three-legged Jewish HolyDay themes) 
the Mitzva of going 3 times  a year to celebrate our Holidays in Jerusalem !
Shabbat Shalom 
Raɓbi Andy Eichenholz