Portion Devarim when 1000 is not a number

Portion Devarim when 1000 is not a number
In this portion Moses blesses וus all with a blessing to Israel to "become 1000 times"
And moses follows it saying "and the Almighty will give you his blessings too"
Most of the commentaries keep it numerical:
That israel should become 1000 times its desert population
And that Hashems blessing is unlimited in number
But if we look beyond the straight translation
And look back and forward in history for the hidden meaning
It might be a blessing that
1000 times we might be struck down like on Tisba Bav 
but 1000 we bounce back
And 1000 blessings our people have bestowed on the world
like the idea of liberty from slavery: AND
through  our geniuses like medical
and science (and NOBEL) prize winnners
And 1000 places in e world where our people 
may have been scattered to and have STILL
enlightened those around them
and 1000 blessings like the great Rabbi Akiva and the Lubavitcher Rebbe
( 2000 years apart    )
  And  1000 great moral leaders
who remain the 
The moral standard bearers
in a world often bought off or lured off course by short
term glitz and spins and PR marketing
Mose's 1000  times blessing is maybe on our impact on the world around us 
And his reminder of 
the Almighty' s blessing maybe is to show us the whole path of the Blessings of Israel
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz