Portion of Devarim

Portion of Devarim:

So here is a little explanation from the Vishnitzer Rebbe as mentioned by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach (clarifications in the parentheses are mine):

"You see, what is Parshas (Portion of) Devarim (the beginning of the Fifth Book of the 5 of the Torah)? 

Moshe Rabbeinu (by reviewing in the Fifth Book much of the First 4 Books of the Torah) is telling Yidden back everything they did (in the 40 years since leaving Egypt – even though it was certainly) wrong 

(problematical - see the beginning of the portion)  

but the way Moshe is telling it, it comes out so sweet that you don’t even hear the bad things that took place!"

We Jews don't re-write history (like some people).

We just  always try to Follow our Mandate - to fix the things that were made or done wrong!

If only the world would see ....


This Shabbat's Portion of Va Et Cha Nan

So here Moses REPEATS the 10 Commandments.

Maybe until now we didn't get it right. Parents and Children. The Sabbath. Not being jealous of what others have. MAYBE NOT EVEN BELIEVING ENOUGH IN THE ALMIGHTY!...


So Moses the Teacher REPEATS them in this portion – 40 years after the First Time.

And for us also.

May it be the best time for us to review our Ten Commandments and pick a couple to start improving on …

and just as in the time of Moshe Rabeinu – speaking to the Israelites before entering Israel (Canaan still then) – 

let the commandments help bring us ALL to fulfill the Israel on Earth and the Israel in Heaven

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz