Portion Devarim and Tisha Bav Fast: Titanic and the Temple

Portion Devarim and Tisha Bav Fast: Titanic and the Temple
We used ro sing in camp:

"Oh they built the ship Titanic to sail the ocxean blue
And they thought it was a shipthat the sea could not get through..."

So' did they prophesize about the Titanic in the Great Temple of Jerusalem?

When King Hezekiah was about to die the prophet Isaiah came and said 
"you need to get married ..."

Anyway he lived a long time and built a strong extra wall around Jerusalem

That he Babyloians could nor get thriugh!

But - Sadly (like on the Titanic) 
the people put their faith in the wall and not in tve Almighty


And on Tisha Bav this sunday we fast because 
a few generatons later the Babylonians did beak through


Killed housands,
and destroyed he first Temple.

MAYBE The Tutanic might have been saved if hey had trusted in he Almighty ???

Certainly Jerusalem had a chance ....
Moses in this portion reminds everyone of the lack of faith
they showed in he desert -  but that the L-rd 
Kept them safe forty years in the desert
until hey were ready to be the People of Israel in he Land of Israel

SO - try to Fast even a litrle on Sunday if you can

AND Trust in the Almighty and not in the Titanic

And may we dance together at the rebuilt Temple of Jerusalem 

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz