Portion VaEtChaNan - Moses and Rabbi Healers

Portion VaEtChaNan - Moses and Rabbi Healers
Reb Elimelech Of Lizensk (His great great gramdson called me a few days ago to say hello - a very close friend's son and also a friend) explained in Noam Elimelech:
How can a Rabbi help heal people or change someone's fate decreed by the Almighty?
In this portion Moses tells us to be close to G-d
Moses is the guy who saved the Israelites from countless plagues and disasters ! How did he do it?
He taught us to be close - to stick to the L-rd and to live.
G-d created us all to live - and to add life to the world (in many ways) -
but since we are human we have physical limitations - and we don't live forever-
But the closer we cling to the SOURCE of LIFE - the Almighty -
the MORE we live
and the MORE we can bring life to others -
and that's  what the portion says - cling to the Almighty and LIVE!
Lots of Love from Israel and Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz