Portion Va EtChaNan ... Take em Out Take em Out...

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While the Fifth of the Five Books packs in so many things
And this portion as well is packed with
Shema Yisrael
Ten Commandments
History and Warnings
Just think : 
we are over 500 years after he Jews were thrown out of Spain on Tisha Baה
(which we commemorated by fasting his week)
There are also especially the promises we should rememeber:(see chap 4 verses 32-40)

Remember: theTorah speaks to us all every day and in the portion
It says that we must remember how the Almighty Took Us out of Egypt... and says
"has anyone (ever) seen such a thing ? ... Taking a nation out of the surrounding Nation ..."
So what you might ask?
But it is NOT about leaving Egypt - but about TODAY AS WELL!
Hashem will take you out! Now! like then ... WHAT?
I was just with a group of returning Jews in Central America.
Some were descended from Jews who were pirates in the Caribbean
Others joined in Jewish practices in he last few years
Those ejected from Spain 500 years ago this week!
So the Torah speaks to all of us - every day every week
And it was  great honor to be a small part of Hashem's promise to Israel
and work with his orders to us in such a clear way.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz