Portion VaEtChaNan : Praying at Dawn

Portion VaEtChaNan : Praying at Dawn
For the last 2 days I have had to pray in a Texas motel and the Miami airport and
Make a Minyan on the plane returning to Israel.
Yes - just to see my new granddaughter in Texas - a lot of work
But worth it,
Yes - there are many rules about praying
And there are traditions 
BUT in The Traditions some Questions exists :
Especially given all modern distractions!
when is it best to pray and where?
We read in portion Balak a few Weeks ago that
The evil prophet
Bilam felt he knew when and how to pray to curse the Israelites!
(we were saved because the Almighty changed his curses to blessings).
Is it possible he "Knew" when to pray
Moses did not?
Classic Judaism has us start with Blessings right when we 
Wake up ...
Hassidic tradition on the other hand,
Has said 
To begin just when I'm ready...
Praying a bit to prepare for the Formal Prayers
And what constitutes "Prayer"
 versus tefilin and or talit or Minyans ?
So was Moses' prayer heard and
Answered - or delayed or denied?
My untraditional thoughts are Based on the Commentaries,
That Moshe Rabaynu our teacher
That a Jew Must Pray
(But Not depend on their "desired outcome"
Because Prayer Bring Us Closer to Hashem,
And Closer to All the Divine Attributes.
Blessings of the Divine to All.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz