Portion Eykev - hunger in the world? Pray after eating a heavy meal on Yom Kippur!‏

Portion Eykev - hunger in the world? Pray after eating a heavy meal on Yom Kippur!‏
Only inJewish Law!
The Law says one has to say Grace After Meals ( Birchat Hamazon  ) 
if you eat a meal on the Holy Fast Day of Yom Kippur.
My first child was about to be born on Yom Kippur.
I went to the synagogue on the corner to pray a bit but my friends sent me home.
The LAW says a woman starting labor needs to drink - 
and there is no basis for the husband to delay going to the hospital!
In this week's portion we are told by the Almighty
"You will eat and be satisfied and you will bless the L.rd your G.d"
IT is one of those things that Make Us Human! My daughter wanted to feed a kitten today but the kitten just wanted to play.
The Sefer ha Chinuch (not Chanoch my name) declares this a Doraita Mitzva -
commanded directly by the Almighty - for after eating a full meal
Many rabbis later added making  ALL blessings for thanks.
Their purpose seems to be to get us consistantly to GIVE THANKS
So even those that are diabetic hypoglycemic or whatever - if they eat on Yom Kippur 
for ANY reason
Brich Racha mana Malka D Alma Mari D Hai PITA (even if it is rye bread). 
  (thank you ruler of the world for this food)
Rav Shlomo Carlebach used to sing the words of the prophets:
 "there will be a hunger in the world ... not a hunger for bread ... not a thirst
for water ... but to Hear the Words of the Almighty"
Rabbi Neria (zatzal) wrote (and I paraphrase) 
"food (or its lack ... or feeling its deprivation) 
can turn people into animals
and so the Torah teaches us THE ACT OF THANKS CAN KEEP US HUMAN
WHICH IS WHY WE WERE CREATED HUMANS not animals or angels ...
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz