Portion Beshalach - Holy Trees Holy Water Holy Women

Portion Beshalach - Holy Trees Holy Water Holy Women
TOday Thursday is Tu Bishvat ... the Jewish New Year of the Trees
Yesterday behind my house the local kids planted 31 trees in our "park" - all the community could get in the local town budget
The trees symbolize renewal when the cycle of life seems coldest, when the least sun is shining
The Tree new Year symbolized the date of giving Holy Fruit Tithes to the Levites working for All Israel... in the Holy Temple and elsewhere. And the Almighty called for a celebration of the Fruits and Land of Israel.
A wonferful Dutch convert lady married to a Moroccan Israeli who studied archaelogy from the same wonderful American professor as me (the professor also later converted)  initiated our "park" ... bless you Iris!
Continuing a theme from last week
Animals ... Why were Pharoah's and others' animals targeted in the ten Plagues ... And at the Dead sea?
These were the war-horses - and the Animals drowned with the cavalry.
Didn't those Israelite slaves feed and wash and walk the horses? Did they all forget tose kindnesses?
Holiness begets rewards and war mongers ... well
Participating in war begets punishment. 
So ... didn't the holocaust (Rememberance Day was this week) happen because the world-especially the British Prime Minister- appeased Hitler?
Last week we saw that the Egyptians who trusted Moses protected their animals!
This week we have so many themes in the portion... and while
That of
Reward and punishnent is not always clear
... true Holiness will always shine...
Miriam ...How did she get all the women to dance at the Red Sea?
Her holiness shined ...they all knew her and
Trusted her - 
the faithful and fearless
Midwife who saved their babies
A Levite Leader of her family - who also saved Baby Moses ...
So at the Red Sea the men Sang and the women
Danced ...  
and the Torah says right after:
They brought down the Shabbos
To The World
Shabat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz