Portion Shemote - MOSES - Why do stray bullets kill Kids?

Portion Shemote  - MOSES - Why do stray bullets kill Kids?
Okay. MOSES never lived in the Bronx or BedSty
But he did kill the Egyptian who was beating up a Jewish guy
Couldn't the "Prince Moses of Egypt" just order a stop to the  beating?
Moses himself says later that he is a stutterer. Probably nobody would have anyway listened to his talking ... So he had to take action.
I remember when a drunk tenant of mine tried ro beat me to death 2 blocks from my Brooklyn home - because his  77 year old father sold his house to me Instead of dying and leaving it to that  son. Why violence? Drunkenness - or Hatred?
Moses was probably in disguise anyway, As
It says in the portion "he went out (of the palace) -out to see  his brethren"
-something dictator Pharoah would not have approved...
Probay he would have been killed for opening up his mouth,
 as any Egyptian guard who was beating an Israelite would do -
As Reb Shlomo Carlebach said,
The WORLD had to learn about Auschwitz! But today? The WORLD - has it learned -or changed?
"Kill the Whitey,  kill the Whitey " they yelled from the curb, as my years of karate saved my life, just 2 blocks from my house in Crown Heights.
I had been struck quite by surprise as the attacker - who weighed about 60 pounds miore than me, kept pounding and \i kept blocking what I could ... just outside that house. (The neighbors later told me he had "done time" for manslaughter, too.)
So what about kids in tough spaces?
They have no chance. The are like Israelites-of-Egypt held by the slavery of hundreds of years.
Why Egypt? Why Auschwitz?  ...And all the many many cases of ... well ... we all know
I think Biden and Harris - and cuomo and DiBlasio etc ... need to start an initiative -
 to pair up big brothers from the Jewish ghettos
 with underprivilged kids drom their own ghettos ... playing basketball or checkers and talking
Across that street  a few  months before,
I had given a baby outfit to a different tenant, who had a grandchild in South Caroline that week.
She cried! So I asked why?
She answered "Nobody EVER gave anyone in my family a gift!"
Did that act of kindness maybe save me?
Or was it the karate training that maybe Moses had in the palace -
that taught him to protect others?
And the next day he did not answer to the hateful words of "those that watched the fights ...
and DID NOTHING! (Read in the Portion).
More about Egypt and the Jews and Moses next week...
Love AND Shabbos and Health
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz
Shabbat Shalom