Portion Yitro: Honor and love for the great men wise souls and fighters for goodness

Portion Yitro: Honor and love for the great men wise souls and fighters for goodness
I am taking this opportunity to connect Jewish Soul
With WorldWide soul (not web)
Yitro the Gentile deserves Honor and Glory -
He teaches Moses about administrring justice to a whole people!
(Okay he joins with the Jews too ...etc
Okay he is the father of Ziporah married to Moshe - etc
But was he an African as rhe torah says about Ziporah his daughter???)
And so the Almighty honors him with naming a portion in the Holy Torah - and what a portion!
None less than the portion of
If only the world would follow more of his wisdom....
So this week was a bit hard ... the world loosing So Many People... And
I want to connect two great souls to Yitro and to Justice
One Jewish and one Gentile
To Honor and express love for: arthur the great man wise soul and fighter for goodness
(And see below)

If anyone doesn't remember  how for years
he stood up in court for simple justice for the Carlebach family and synagogue and community
And He defended that community from greed, and from "justices" (often Jewish) with no wisdom, who were ready to evict both family and synagogue
Until an African American judge called "set em loose Bruce"- 
said to the Goldman Group
"The Nerve of you trying to dislocate a whole community"!
Know all that I witnessed Arthur the great defender
bring a bit of sanity to the New York courts,
As the judge told the wealthy building owners
"Get out of my Court".
Arthur and Bruce will forever be remembered 
before the Creator - as  heroes from NY.
May Portion Yitro be a blessing for justice forever
Shabbat Shalom ... Health and Courage to All
Andy Eichenholz, Rabbi