Portion BeShalach – Jerusalem by the Red Sea

Portion BeShalach – Jerusalem by the Red Sea
The Portion of Leaving Egypt starts "Pharoah sent us out" but really the Almighty BROUGHT us out (like it said in last week's portion) – and that's the difference between  how the Pharoahs of the world see things and how our sages try to teach us to look at things.
Pharoah still thought he owned his Israelite slaves – or did he? After a few days his spies told him we were gone – and his ego got the better of him DESPITE the 10 plagues!
The Bal HaTurim (lived about 500 years ago) wrote – based on the Song by the Sea (that Moses led and then Miriam orchestrated with the women) – says the song tells
"you (Almighty) set your throne by your actions (the Israelites crossing the sea on DRY LAND while the Egyptians drowned)" – and the mystical numerical number of BESHIVTECHA
Equals the numerical value ZION JERUSALEM! (The true seat of the Almighty's throne).
Let the Pharoahs of the world complain and criticize – BUT JERUSALEM IS OUR CONNECTION
To holiness and the Almighty above.
COME VISIT – OR STAY (and Birthright is now open to age 32)
Love from Israel
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz
On the way to Tiberias and the sea of GALILEE for Shabbat