Portion Beshalach : Between Chanuka (Goats) and Passover (Lambs)

Portion Beshalach : Between Chanuka (Goats) and Passover (Lambs)

So what is there "between" the two? PURIM (which is creeping up on us)

From the teachings on the Talmud by Yosef Chaim (the famous Iraqi chief rabbi) ... ...
In his book: Ben Yehoyada discussinge Talmud Pesachim ( page 57) :

the Royals argued ... Years after the Maccabees took over
(Chashmonai means "descended from the Maccabees")

The Maccabee King and Queen involved the Kohen Gadol - High Priest -
into their debate - On what is the best mèat - Goat or lamb!!!

(See in a minute why this is relevant to the portion this week)


The King felt - we need to be tough like goats
The Queen said- we need to be mercifully soft like Sheep

The High Priest just said: "Of course sheep are tastier-
Because The Almighty wants us to be merciful-
If Possible - like passive Passover sheep.

The King said its a good idea ...
But not possible if we fight against the OUTSIDE trying to subdue us.

But what happened?

That king punished the High Priest! Who should have known better to
Make the Kingdom Work Better.

Portion Beshalach - Reminding us of Passover - where the Almighty

Freed us to be a light unto the world.

The Maccabees - 60 or 70 years after throwing out the Greeks

Started Internal Fights over EVERYTHING
Just like the Greeks did.. and so
then the Romans came in - And Destroyed the Holy Temple

In our portion, We Left Egypt -To start A New World.

But many world rulers since then have missed the points -

That G-d and Freedom are not mutually exclusive!

And so today ....? What can WE all do? To return to "Exodus Judaism" ???

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz