Portion MeKaytz - the End - the Last Chanuka Day!

This morning I was number 7 at the 6AM local Sepharadi minyan
Eventually the 10th showed up ... and 11th ...and. the. 15th.
But I got an Aliyah anyway for being on time whenever I go there
So where does that put us on the Hamas War Map? We say Avinu Malkaynu there every day. ... it's needed because
Most surveys say Judea and Samaria Arabs support more Hamas actions!
And in our history: Based on Doctor Rothkopf)
The Greek exile  is referred to as חושך darkness ״וחשך על פני תהום״. 
Darkness is more insidious than evil because you can’t even see what lies ahead. It blocks the Light. 
Everyone knows that Chanuka. ה comes in the darkest time of year, the longest nights and then even at the end of the month when the moon is getting darker and darker. 
How do we know that when it comes to issues of spiritual darkness ,
That we must physically fight? 
Jacob - Yakov Avinu went back across the river to retrieve  the small jugs of oil 
that were to be the miracle of Chanukah!
 And for that he fought the Angel of Aisav
Until Dawn
Teaching us that, all through the galut until the Final Redemption SINCE
Chanukah always ends with Rosh Chodesh and the shining of the New Moon!
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz