Portion Vayeegash : King Joseph the Psychologist?

 Portion Vayeegash : King Joseph the Psychologist?
How did Jacob accept the 11 sons telling him to move to Egypt?
Was he worried it might be like LA?
Fake news that maybe Joseph was alive and Viceroy in Egypt?
What did Jacob say to his son Joe when seeing him after 20 years?
"Joseph: did you 
Restart or Reframe?"
How did you get your brothers to stop hating you?
Based partially on an idea from Dr. V. Friedman 
Joseph reframed the dispute.
Joseph said to them
"It wasn't was the Almighty who sent me to Egypt. Now let's eat!
And then right away go get Dad down here because things are getting worse."
But they still needed to do a
Restart - to go forward.
Dr. Friedman says this is true for all Israel after October7.
Individually and in total.
If they we only will.
And I humbly add- the WORLD needs a Restart.
And a reframe that Jews Heal All, and that
Judaism Designates Peace and Life as the World Priority
And that Every Government from the UN to Pago Pago need to
Legislate the above line
Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz