Portion Me Kates: The End

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End of What?
End of the line at the pharmacy like today? But why fume about it ?
ITS FUNNY - but there is always someone that gets on line behind you ...!

So while waiting at the pharmacy this morning while the pharmacist went somewhere
I was trading Talmud thoughts with the guy behind me

And another guy – with a big red clown's nose comes behind us
and recognizes the page we are talking about – and quotes the 2 lines following

How Elijah the Prophet pointed out to some Rabbis that a certain 2 people in the market
were guaranteed a very High Honor in Heaven!

And why was that? Because they were jokesters and made people laugh!

And this guy reminds us how THIS SHABBAT CHANUKAH is the COMPLETION
Of the High Holidays – and special "in the eyes of the Almighty"
For getting Holy Prayers answered (forget about that Mercedes)

So what's the connection between Chanuka and comedians and Joseph in the Portion? 
So Joseph is in prison waiting for –something? Anything? - to happen
And it's 2 YEARS since he asked the Chief Butler to remember his skills to Pharoah

But at a PARTY (there must have been CLOWNS – like in the Broadway song)
The Butler remembers, and they call in Joseph to interpret Pharoahs dreams, and

In a minute Joseph is free
And in a minute he is Viceroy – assistant to king Pharoah!

And later when he blesses his kid brother Benjamin – he uses the word Chanukah

It is called an "unclear prophecy" -
 that Chanukah will be the re-dedication of the Holy Temple
Which was located in Israel in the Portion (of Israel's land) of Benjamin

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenhz