Chanuka and Portion VaYayShev

Chanuka and Portion VaYayShev

A quote from Rabbi Carlebach

The sweetest  laws and teaching from Chanuka))

I want you to know, sweetest friends, when I see someone else putting on tefillin, I don't have to say a blessing over it. When I put on tefillin, I say a blessing, but I don't need to make a bracha over someone else fulfilling the mitzva.

And the same thing is true of all the commandments except one - Chanuka.

 If I go for a walk on the street and I haven't yet kindled the light in my own house, and I pass by someone else's house and I see his Chanukah candles, I have to make a bracha.

Do you know why? Because, to be honest, all year long. I don't really care if somebody else puts on tefillin. I pretend that I do, but I don't really care.

But on Chanukah, when I see somebody else serving G-d, it blows my mind.

 I say to myself, "I knew my neighbor was beautiful , but I didn't know he was shining so much.

When  I already kindled Chanukah lights in my house,I could think " but how does my light compare to my friend's? He is even deeper." So I make another bracha over my neighbor's light"


Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and his students make Chanuka relate to the brothers of Joseph and his trials –

And here I am in a bus trying to get home to light candles

In the middle of a major traffic jam

But  I know – that

All those honking horns are just drivers announcing the happy beginning of Chanuka!

And Shabbat Shalom to All

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz