Portions of Shabbat and Simchat Torah - with Yizkor and Radzik Abdul Hader?

Portions of Shabbat and Simchat Torah - with Yizkor and Radzik Abdul Hader?
Interesting news today - brush fires because it's very hot here - and
"Remembering Dov Golan" on Israel. - who was a friend of Prime Minister Yitzchak Shamir.
So - what's there to celebrate this Shabbat? Limited dancing with the Torah?
I have ALWAYS celebrated Shabbat and also Simchat Torah - from childhood.
Back in Manhattan 1975-98 or so - at the Carlebach Shul,
Simchat Torah day was prayers and dancing from morning to almost night...
Even though in Israel it is combined with "Yizkor (Remembering) Day - Shemini Atzeret".
It was also Neshana Carlrbach 's birthday - so we did
All day dancing ... and then as the sun was setting - birthday cake!
Is that all?
To keep this short and not hold anyone in suspense -
Dov Golan was none other than - Radzik Abdul Hader!
He was from the royal family of Algeria - who were taken over by the French colonialists.
He hated them, loved his brother Algerian Muslims - and the Jews!
Dov Golan in his later years always had a Mezuza on his door!
Radzik Abdul Hader worked as an Anti-French revolutionary - but in the end,
Dov Golan was a spy for Israel for many years. Bless his soul.
So does the Almightu have his ways ??? To protect the Jewish people?
Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach gave out HOLY books to dance with on Simchat Torah.
First he would bless each person who would come up and promise:
to dance with the book at our celebration, AND
study from that book DURING THE YEAR!
He also blessed all the holy gentiles who helped the Jews -
but I don't know if he ever met Dov Golan!
There is so much to learn each week from the Torah reading,
and this week should not be just a sad "memorial look back".
We read the end portion in the Torah - and then start again from the FIRST PORTION -
BeRaySheet - meaning "in the beginning".
So remember to read a little Torah
dance a little jig every so often on the weekend
thank the Almighty for all those holy messengers he sends us - Jewish and other -
and - as my Doctor friend (thanks WW) I bumped into when I snuck out a little to pray this morning told me,
the famous   Chatam Sofer (1769-1832?)  
predicted this coming year would be a much better upcoming year than the last.
We never know how it happens - BUT TRUST IN THE ALMIGHTY- he has ways! 
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz