Portion BuRaySheet where Adam makes a Left Turn and Gets Everyone Lost!

Portion BuRaySheet where Adam makes a Left Turn and Gets Everyone Lost!
Greetings again from beautiful Jerusalem-
- could this  be the gateway to the
Garden of Eden of this weeks portion?
Ahhhh, we are Starting to read the Torah again from the first portion, and
While some rabbis promise blessings for the whole year from participating jn this
First Portion of the Year
Let's just Take it down a notch
And try to just learn some of life's lessons from the beautiful text
I will limit to one thought - but everyone can get a lot out of each teaching in the portion.
We read about how
"In the Creation" - like many things in Life - the
Good starts from some murky depths
BUT - it can start with one little spark - of LIGHT
We can all touch off the Light in the world
with adding little Spark of Kindness, or a Word of Light!
And the opposite?
I always wondered - Did the primordial snake come from
those very same depths (as the Spark of Light)?
Instead of giving a Word of Light to the new Residents in Eden
He makes as much murky trouble as he can 
Between Eve and Adam
Until Adam doesn't even know
what the Right Thing to Do  is! And they both get kicked out.
There are so many timely questions...
like - Where do viruses come from?
and how do some "paradise people" - like on Fiji and Samoa get "there"?
How did they know when to turn ledt or right to get to  paradise? And Us?
Take some INSPIRATION from the Torah hints-
thoughts for igniting renewal
and protecting each other - and thinking of getting back to the Garden.
Start Anew Each Day with some Light - for yourself and others
Avoid snakes
Thank the Almighty (instead of avoiding G-d)
for all those places or islands of refuge from daily difficulties
(And beware of floods in the future - like in next week's portion).
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz