Portions - Sukkote - and Simchat Torah

Portions - Sukkote - and Simchat Torah

I was in a Sukkah last night with a bunch of scholars sort of debating which is the most important aspect of ASSURING you can stay close to the Almighty

One genius gave a talk about FAITH

Another spoke about Humility
A third told the story of the Brisker Rov whose escape from the Nazis was recorded as happening because he and his son would not stop for a minute saying "  I connect myself toYou o L-rd  "  and wherever they went on their escape route the Nazis who saw them did not shoot!    

The whole day yesterday I was at the Moshav Modiim Carlebch Festival which of course
focuses on JOY!
So from where comes the grestest connecting power?

What a great religion we have where we can debate
If it is
mitvas that bring you close to the Almighty
 - or is it -
the Almighty brings you close so you can love doing Mitzvas?

Any way you look at it - YOU WIN

Much love joy faith and  humility... from Israel

And Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz