Portion Buh rayShis - Bottle Beginnings?

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This morning at 540AM while sitting at a bus stop
Waiting for my Jerusalem bus - I heard a noise - and turned around quickly.
It was the Ultra Orthodox bottle-collecting lady going thru the trash. I reached into my pocket to give her a shekel -but she was GONE - up the hill - looking for bottles to cash.
Often I walk to Shul in Staten Island - and there I see the Oriental-Bottle-Collector-Lady.
Is there any difference?  Could they be a mirror -or warning - of our society?
This week's portion begins a new cycle of Torah Reading. 
So where do we begin?  The Torah says the world started as 
Tohu - Va - Vohu (emptiness and Confusion).  ARE WE STILL THERE? OR BACK THERE?
Poverty    -   Evil or Sadness     -    Greed    -     Barbaric Customs   -      Murder etc  ...       
And then comes Noah convincing the Almighty that all is not lost? 
We need to take stock after all our holidays  -  communicate some kindness to all the Bottle Ladies
Build some Arks (like Noah) to save the world - AND OURSELVES -
 before the revisionists and anti semites point the world backwards again
Tohu - Va - Vohu (emptiness and Confusion
Love and Shabbos from Jerusalem
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz