Portion Vayeirah - Readings from Rosh Hashono - Ideas from TODAY

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We are still in the story of Abraham and Sarah in this week's Torah Portion
May the Almighty bless us to ALWAYS be "in the story"
Last week Abraham and Sarah (and nephew Lot) leave Iraq (or maybe Syria)
and travel to Canaan (Israel) - and to Egypt - and back to Hebron
(where they eventually were buried - and are still there)
Abraham made three great friends
Aner and Eshkol 
and Mamray
He had a DEDICATED worker - Eliezer
Sarah had an Egyptian princess come to work for her - because of her greatness
Yet the Almighty blesses them to be CHOSEN PEOPLE
because (the Almighty said) - " I know your children will faithfully carry on MY work"
Yesterday I danced and sang with 2000 great GREAT grandchildren of Abraham and Sarah -
at the cemetery where Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach's buried - and it was his
Anniversary of Passing.
The world needs to learn from people like that-
who spent their whole lives helping teaching and listening - to others -
from south africa to san francisco - from poland to Argentina -
and despite bring maligned time and again 
they just went on doing their best to help the world.
Sarah - Abraham - Almighty - we are trying to carry on the holy heavenly plans
and from the news today -

 Several Jordanian schoolchildren are missing. and who cares? 

By TPS and World Israel News

IDF and civil rescue teams have been dispatched to Jordan after a bus carrying 37 schoolchildren and seven teachers was swept away by flash floods on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea. At least 17 are dead; more than 20 were injured. Several are missing.

ONLY WE CARE! AND GO THERE!  BLESS YOU Israel rescue teams!
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andu Eichenholz