Vayerah – Moses and the Matrix

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What did Moses have that the Matrix (and The One) did NOT have?
Okay – a LOT of things. For one though – 
Moses was MORE than The One – Moses was "Moses and Aron"!
Moses  is told to "appear before Pharoah" (Aron too)-
So How is it the Toughest Ruler in the World (Pharoah) didn't – or couldn't – just kill them?
And this is a metaphor for the People of Israel:
The Almighty says "appear here" and "appear there" 
and warn Pharaoh,
 and bring up frogs and lice and bring down hail and brimstone –
And the People of Israel to this day appear here and appear there and
Create medicines and help rescue victims of catastrophe
And are saved by the Almighty !!!
Whether in Egypt (or the Diaspora anywhere) or in Israel
May G-d protect the Jewish People – and send us all a Great Shabbos
Love and Shabbos from Israel
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz