Portion Vayey Ra ... Did Pharoah learn history lessons before becoming the Mightiest King onEarth?

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What do teenagers secretly want to know? Human behavior.
What didn't Pharoah's father teach him? Warfare.
Why do so many world leaders knock off previous rulers? And...
What do adults secretly avoid? Confrontation is the way of life of TOO MANY PEOPLE
Every Bible Story teaches LIFELONG LESSONS - how to live and love and grow.
Kids need jokes and they need direction .... And skills .... and they need to learn stuff from the Bible!.
Some kids are sent to military school where they learn DISCIPLINE
My guess is that Pharoah had discipline - but NO APPRECIATION for ANYTHING!

Yesterday I saw a guy I know who was not doing well in high school.
Yet he became a great military leader.
Nice guy, married ...
No spiritual directions. ... no interest in having kids ... just he and the wife have careers ...
Pharoah went to military school - learned discipline
 (Lesson 1 - don't give in to Moses)
(Lesson 2 - Counterattack to Moses' request to let our people go saying "Who is this G-d ?
I never heard of him!")
Do you think he was taught economics or the History of Joseph saving Egypt?
The whole economy and social structure of Egypt was based on "Joseph economics"!
Maybe he failed if they even had those courses.

So the Almighty writes in the portion about
How many times Moses (  and also Aron  ) have to respect Pharoah and talk "freedom of worship"
Patience was not the isuue -
The Torah teaches respect - and how to make holiness out of human behavior
Was pharoah stupid ...Or spoiled? Or Just Stubborn "wih discipline"?
History changes after wars. The Torah knows that -

but Torah teaches Derech Eretz (good qualities for humans) and
G-dliness and holiness.... and that G-d rules the world - and so the 10 plagues begin!

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz