Portion Vayera - turn turn turn

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 Abraham tried to save the wickedest people of rhe world. Why?
 Rabbi Hirshler explains it wasAbrahams  
World View -  (that made him the father of the Israelite Nation)
thatAll People can be Turned on to GOOD

So he prayed that if there wereA FEW RIGHTEOUS people in SEDOM
With ALL the people who read the Bible in the world- 
YOU SEE MANY GOOD PEOPLE - but if only they would put th kind of effort into it
we could see the whole world turned around
the new media reporting how many people helped others
how many countries were helping others
and how the Irans and the North Koreas turned their atomi research into transportation so
we could all be CLOSER RO ONE ANOTHER
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz
(Thank you Rabbi Hirschler - and Michaels internet connection)