Portion VaYikRa - Calling to Moses in an Israeli Taxi ?

 Portion VaYikRa - Calling to Moses in an Israeli Taxi ?
In advice to students, theMishna
(From 1900 years ago)  in Pirkei Avot says ...
"sleep on the floor, eat your bread with salt and
"V chayei tzaar tichye"
Translated by most to mean 
"Learn to live with suffering" BUT
MY TEACHER Rabbi Carlebach (obm)
Translated it:
Those living with pain
So, 3400 years ago,
Did Moses sleep on the floor?
Did he just eat Matza with salt?
Why does The Almighty in this portion - call out
from the Tabernacle -
Calling out to Moses - about
Sacrificing to achieve Pennace!
But what sacrifices do we make today,
With no Holy Temple or High Priest?
Yesterday I helped deliver some Torah pamphlets
(I covered for a friend who is visiting his sick sister)
The Sephardic taxi driver - who has been prevented at times from working -
Said he is worried that the current demonstrations
are simply ruining normal lives - just
in order to overthrow the government
which 60% of the country elected!
So get this:
The last words one former (American) COA member 
said to me were:
I hate Netanyahu. 
Why? I know all the dirt too - but it's just politics!
Then he got sick in a couple of months - and then he died.
Still hating Netanyahu?
The taxi driver is a supporter of Netanyahu.
He asked me - why can't everyone just
Live and let live?
So the Almighty in this portion,
tells Moses - Moshe our Teacher -
Teach people self - sacrifice
Teach people to try for pennace - and peaceful co existance
Especially the leaders!
The Zohar in the portion says - Ego of (ALL) Leaders 
But we can ALL try to make this a little better world in every way we can.
And it's so so easy!
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz