Portion Tzav – Chametz and Weight Loss

Portion Tzav – Chametz and Weight Loss
Why not
Lose your worries for 8 days - and even lose some weight?
Even Billionaires and Politicians have worries - and sometimes need to lose weight!

Here's news: of the big LOSS of the week – Izzy Englander settled his divorce case with his ex-wife for a Billion Dollars

Here's news: of the big GAIN of the week -  the Anarchists and Leftists temporarily halted judicial reforms which would have returned the court system to how it was balanced  until 20 years ago
(when the Chief Justice Barak decided judges could decide social issues and not just laws
 (taking power away from the Knesset).

 And the GREATEST news of TODAY, less than a week before Passover?

 My wonderful neighbor Devorah just had a baby a few minutes ago – starting her new family!
 A BIG GAIN for the WORLD!
So what do we gain from the Portion, and this Shabbat called "the Great Shabbos"?
All our family used to come to our house in the Bronx for Passover Seder.
We had a whole closet for special Passover dishes, and I would give up my bed so Grandpa could sleep there (I slept in the hall for the days that he came). Big Mitzva Gain for me!
And we all gain HISTORY and CULTURE from this portion Tzav:
In the hundreds of years when the Great Temple stood in Jerusalem,all-year-round
There was No Chametz allowed with the Temple Flour Offerings (they were mostly like matza-brei )
Erev Pesach (the day before the Seder) – it was
 "prepare the Bar-B-Cue" time in Jerusalem – and time to invite family and friends.

So what are we left with? Only a little matza? NO!

The Basic Idea Is:

Get ready to read the REAL STORY OF EXODUS from slavery to Israelite freedom

Isolate the pasta and cookies and get some Matza recipes, etc to EXIT OUT LIMITATIONS–

 Close or tape off that cabinet with the Chometz and contract with Rabbi A as agent to sell it

And practice "going out of your confined places to the freedom of the desert (not dessert) –
Exercise (physically) for 8 days:

 and exercise restraint for 8 days – and exercise your mind and your imagination for 8 days

From 11 AM erev passover  until 730 pm after passover ends

Blessings for a Happy and Healthy and Wonderful Passover 

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz