Portion of BeHa ahLote Cha

Portion of BeHa ahLote Cha

A short vort (word) of Torah – based on the Zohar-
The spiritual Book of Splendor (Zohar) states "The Torah is not just stories – but every sentence is to teach about the totality of our world – for example even the sentence "Noah's Ark rested on Mount Ararat … in the Seventh Month".

Zohar states that Ararat in Hebrew comes from the word Arur – cursed – and that the Seventh Month is Tishrei – when we are taught that it is OUR DUTY-
to pray AND blow Shofar AND fast - to remove the curse of the forces of evil which led the Almighty to bring the flood.

And so, too, it goes on to teach that all the "stories" in this portion of BeHaAloteCha –( and those which will follow in this Bamidbar) are not mere stories – but lessons from Hashem's eternal plan.

Shavua Tov
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz