Portion TeTzaVeh and Purim Joy

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This is One Odd Portion for modern people to relate to - so I'll start with something FUN - Purim!
Here Are Two items quoted by the famous Rabbi Sholom mayer Valach
HE QUOTES the Saba of Kelm :
You know, Haman was constantly nudging the king to kill the Jews, 
So the king ordered all his ministers for advice, and They all agreed and said :
Dont you know what happened to Pharoah? 
But Haman told the King who "the G d of the Jjews is old ....who is afraid of ...
So see what happened to him and his sons ...
The Second story is from Talmud Taanis
There was a 
Bad Drought ...  with people dying of thirst.
The law is - you have to declare fast days and prayers.
Chief Rabbi Eliezer ordered prayers and fast days but no rain came.
Rabbi Akiva asked to lead the prayers... and said 
Avinu Mal Kaiynu like Yom Kippur "ayn Lanu melech"
Almighty is our King,
And it rained!!
Not because Akiva was better-
Just got everyone to pray straight from the heart!
So the portion Tetzaveh about the Priesthood 
But their role we learn in line with the previous ideas
The End (of the portion) says Only Burn Incense on the
Incense Alter - 
But once a year sprinkle the blood of yom kipur sacrifices -For "atonement of Priests and Everyone
You need to relate to life and
The kohanim priests were needed tio light the incense-
But also to be aware 
That some people out there are dying-
And dont get too carried away with yourself like wicked Haman
And Pray that we  have blessed rains-
And blessed awareness-
And end to sufferings !!!
Purim Joy to the World and
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz