Portion Key TeaSah - When and How to Threaten - G-d? Yes - it's in the Portion!

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Yes - it's in the Portion!
But first -
Years ago on my first trip to Israel, I was privileged to visit a college buddy who took me one time to
Pray the afternoon prayer at his neighbor's house.
I didnt know how privileged I was until a few years later - when in yeshiva -
I realized the neighbor was Rabbi S.Y. Zevin
Editor of the encyclopedia talmudica!
He was also the Author of the book "SipooRay Hassidim" which has a story based on this week's Portion (I repeat it in short).
One time the holy BAl Shem Tov went for Shabbat to a little village -
but he wouldn't let the townfolk EAT their shabbat meal!
Until they all said Psalms until midnight - and then he let them go-
More or less the next morning the local gentile town drunk came by and asked for a drink - 
after which he blabbed -
The local LORD didn't let us eat or drink all night
He was just giving all the villagers guns and swords,
saying in the morning we would attack the Jews!
I myself, said the drunk, argued you are all nice people -
and always give me a drink when I ask!
But the lord there didn't listen until an old friend of his rode by
just before dawn -  and told him the same thing -
So he told us Told us to Go Home.
The Bal Shem Tove told his students, that
 the friend who rode by had passed on 4 years BEFORE -
BUT THE LOCAL LORD didn't know - and so I had everyone pray hard - and
the Almighty sent the old friend back as a messenger.
The Bal Shem Tov said he was a little "testing" the Almighty,
being there with the people who might have been wiped out!
Like Moses after the Golden Calf told G-d -
if you want to destroy the Israelites - take ME TOO!
And Moses sort of calmed down things - and the Almighty wants us all to
BE TOGETHER (and pray together)
So maybe don't "test" G-d too much - and
NEVER threaten the Almighty -
and just lets pray a little - for each other and prepare for 
the Almighty's holy Passover!
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz