Portion BHa ah Lote cha- Coins from the Gallus revolt in Lod

Portion BHa ah Lote cha- and Coins from the Gallus revolt in Lod Why did Israel keep trying to get the Romans off their backs (until someone else conquerred Israel)?

This week's Portion highlites candle lighting, Shofar blowing, and respect for Moshe (who even shared his prophetic powers with the elders of the tribes - yet was still being gossiped about)!

The Jewish Temple and traditions are and always were always about celebrating Human. Connections to Holiness

All the other ancient civilizations were about
And forced conversion - all anathema to Judaism

And today? Russia? China? Iran? North Korea?

Honest economics are not against Judaism. Jews have always faced challenges to surviving various attacks - even from socialism

So see the beĺow- coins hidden by the Jews of Lod, during a rebellion against Rome which sadly did not ŵork according to plan.

These coins displayed just this week - they treat us to a new insight into the constant Israelite struggle for holinèss to free itself from totalitarian mentalities and opression.

As it says in the Portion - The priests the sons of Aharon - have to learn to

It's time for the world to get onto the program.

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz