Portion Nasoh - relationships catapulting us to the forefront

 Portion Nasoh - relationships catapulting us to the forefront
This Portion depicts relationships - on a national level
And interpersonal 
And between the Jewish People and the commandments !
Husbañds and wivès somtimes suspect each other...
And have to work thñg out.
But the 12 Prresidents ofçþwhen giving offerings to the building of the Mishkan in the desert
Were not jealous of one another! 
They each brought the exact equal gift!
And how do we relate to the 613 Commandments of Tòrah?

Rabbi Carlebach used to say:

Mamesh (MEANS : in Reality) the Rebbe of Chortkov hardly ate, hardly slept, but he mamesh when it came to Hagba ( the honor of lifting the Torah) he picked up the heaviest Torah with ease. So he said “ When is the Torah heavy ? Ŵhen you are carrying it,  but  when you let the Torah carry you, it's not heavy, it’s Mamash, light.
What a gevalt.
Good Shabbos

Shabbat Shalom
 Rabbi Andy Eichenholz