Portion Mishpatim - Plus Plus Plus:

 Portion Mishpatim - Plus Plus Plus:
Tonight (Thursday) begins a two day New Month - Rosh Chodesh - and as the prayer says,
"May it be for forgiveness on our past".
And it also begins a double month of Adar - the month of Purim-
And Purim comes in the middle of the Second Adar!
And this Rosh Chodesh I remember surviving a terrorist attack on Rosh Chodesh Adar
 ... (sadly 8 high school students were killed in that terrorist attack in a building where I study).
Don't forget this Shabbat has its Torah Portion - "Mishpatim - LAWS" 
Which follows the Portion Yitro with the 10 Commandments at Sinai?
“Our Job is to shed light, not to master”
Reb Shlomo Carlebach  - on Parshat Mishpatim –
(This Portion directs the Israelites) "Ascend to the mountain and be there (Sh’mot 24:12)"
(And for us, today - are we all supposed to visit Mount Sinai?
No, but we should memorize Sinai Commandment 1: There is only one G-d ( the unseen, and
The unknowable - except thru his attributes in this world! We Can never Guess G-d’s intent!)
And this we can  learn from.Purim! There was a Haman.
Today there is Hamas -And there is an axis of evil today with new nuclear powers)
Rav Shlomo taught : We Jewish people, children of Avraham Avinu,  have a very deep sense of paganism. ..of what idol worship is .
Idol worship is if a human being takes to himself more power than he has,
 it’s when I make myself bigger than I am. 
 and Rabbi carlebach continued: I’m not only referring only to other religions. When I see a rabbi ...or
If a teacher takes more power than he has in the classroom, ..., it’s terrible.
(Power is the Almighty's: As we were saved from Haman ...  we will be saved now.
So what shall we teach our grandchildren? To all be at Megilla reading!
Haman demanded that everyone bow down to him - but Mordechai told us NO!
Rabbi Shlomo: I wouldn’t bow down before the holiest man in the world. I would walk up to him, shake his hand and kiss him. I respect him, but bowing down?
 I only bow down before G-d, nobody else. I only bow down before G-d. 
To bow to humans means I am nothing in their presence.
When G-d spoke to us on Mount Sinai, do you think we were lying on the floor, licking the toes of Moshe Rabbeinu? When we stood on Mount Sinai, we stood straight up.
The Ba’al Shem Tov says the difference between bowing down before a human being and bowing down before G-d is very simple. To bow down before a human being, the smaller you get, the more you bow down. 
The way to bow down before G-d is to make yourself as tall as you possibly can. The fact is, we only bow down to G-d one time on Rosh Hashanah and three times on Yom Kippur. How come? Because even bowing down before G-d is a heavy scene.
Now open your hearts. There are moments when I have a chance to become a master over somebody else. If you stood on Mount Sinai then you know that only G-d is a master. ...
IT can happen between husband and wife, and even parents and children, 
The essence of yiddishkeit is that you are not a master over your children. You are not a master over anyone in the world.
The worst thing in the world is when we play G-d over somebody else.
So you see what it is, when Moshe Rabbeinu comes down from Mount Sinai the first thing he says is 'Yidden, I want you to know one thing. If anybody here thinks to be a Master over anybody else, then they were not on Mount Sinai,' because only G-d is the master.
Good Shabbos!"
Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach taught the essence of Sinai - and the Portion"Ve Ayleh Mishpatim "
continues those laws.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz