Portion: Noah and the War

Portion: Noah and the War

What – no Noah war? Even Abraham had to fight a war (we'll see that in a couple of weeks)

So here's a free translation of last night's radio talk by Rabbi Zamir Cohen of the HeDabRoot Organization:

Chapter 30 in I Samuel of the Bible relates a story about King David – before he was the King

He and his army were living in a town called Ziklag. When they went on a diplomatic mission with the Phillistines – the Amalekites came, stole everything he and his 600 men owned, burned the town – and took the women and children with them off into the desert.

On their return - David and his men were destroyed emotionally. And they argued. Who could guess where the nomadic Amalekites could take their families?

Until David said – "We have to hold onto G-d."

So they went in search – and they found a wounded Egyptian slave starving in the desert – and they fed him and gave him water and first aid.

The slave pointed them in the direction of the Amalekite hordes – and David and his men defeated them in battle and got back their families!

So Rabbi Zamir Cohen said: today we just have to hold onto  our connection with the Almighty, do what's right – and do battle for what's just – and put things back together.

Is that in the Portion? No – but it's what the Bible is teaching us THIS WEEK.

Or maybe we need to flood-out Gaza? Flush out the terror tunnels?

Let's start by doing a few more MITZVAHS for the Almighty – like the guy at the OU Israel Center yesterday that donated over 100 toys – for all the displaced family REMNANTS that were brought to Jerusalem shelter from destroyed towns a couple of days ago.

The army has tons of donated junk food – but there are needs for solar charging batteries for their cell phones and specified first aid kits and a bunch of other stuff that can be sent via the American Friends of the IDF.

The Great Synagogue of Jerusalem is also putting together packages of requested items.


Or just start to let all your friends know that we have recordings of terrorists planning that missile attack that backfired - and hit a hospital parking lot – so they don't all believe the lies being made up to discredit the ONLY army IN THE WORLD that tries not to cause unnecessary suffering – even to the population supporting and hiding murderers in Gaza
. Shabbat Shalom
 - to the World - and

Peace and Health and Hope – for all the destroyed families and the kidnapped

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz