Portion Ki Tavo - Soup to Nuts – or Knots?

Portion Ki Tavo - Soup to Nuts – or Knots?

Really ,now - What ties us into a "Rosh Hashono Mood"?"

The smells of " cooking Jewish"?

The thought of relatives to visit – or coming to visit us?

What sometimes leaves us with knots in our stomachs?

Who is thinking about waking up the world?

Sefardic Jews say Selichot prayers for 30 days before Rosh Hashono(some times at midnight but I often join in to share the tunes and the communal spirit and love at an evening service)

Ashkenazi Jews are blowing Shofars all month (not on Shabbat)  to wake up the world

So what will make the next 2 weeks meaningful for you –

Extra Spirit or Extra Family  Normalcy?

I would suggest the best and most healthy thing I know of: for the next 2 weeks -

at this stage already -why not just get up in the AM and sing a few minutes –

and maybe even dance a little happy jig - to be alive!

And One thought from this Portion – the beginning tells us to "offer first fruits" (each year)at the Holy Temple – and to be joyous.

Later in the Portion when discussing wars and destruction that can happen –

It says  - Tach at Asher lo avadta Bsimcha  -

Its what happens when we don't  worship the Almighty with JOY.


Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz