Did Bilam's donkey really talk? (As The Portion reports)

Did Bilam's donkey really talk? (As The Portion reports)

What's the difference between an historian and an archaeologist? Basically
Historians make up theories while
Archaeologists DIG up FACTS.

The facts often disprove the theories.

Just read the bible about: Kings and more Kings
And Wars and more wars and Wars - can you trust what it says? It seems that nothing ever changes.

BUT Historians for a long time have claimed that Israel/Judea were always backwater little countries
from the time of King David.

While the bible says King David was a conqueror!

Lately the remaining fortified walls of a few cities from David's time have been discovered and

that proves the Biblical version:
that Israel was a powerhouse-
building and expanding cities back even in the early Kingdom! This of course is fact-based - not conjecture.

So maybe the donkey could get Bilam to think! FACT?

Unfortunately historians often use theory to discredit what they don't want to believe from the Bible!

WE CANNOT PROVE that the donkey talked.

But its clear that the Israelite Nation is still great.

Proofs bear witness also to our allowing diverse ideas that Do not stop our developing nation even today.

Among our people debate always exists and even allows some fools to call to "war for democracy" -

Truth is : Such is the foolishness of a small group of
Pro Palestinian Israelis,
Hiding behind cute organization names,
Talking iñ rhetoric like Communists-
Like Putin-
Like all the anti-Jews that fund them.

It's Like biblical criticism - implying a view that we Israelites were just a bunch of wild tribes-
And still are. Both are false.

Else how did we defeat all those kings and countries?

They were not like Canaanites in small city states-
Israelite Kings defeated real kingdoms. Like-
Edom Moab Bashan Emori.

And David modernized them - and so did Hezekiah.

Now- What about the empires of Charles And of Putin?
What do they do for the world? Pomp and - WAR.

We outlasted all civilazations and have see the demise of other supposed "civilizations".

So why the talking donkey?

And what say the prophecies in this week's portion?

The nations are supposed bless the goodness of Israel.
Even the donkeys of the world.
And maybe we should also - just
All Bless the Goodness of Israel.

Shabbat Shalòm

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz