Portion Shlach : Send a few (good) Men...?

Portion Shlach : Send a few (good) Men...?
Why did the Israelites in the desert
Cry so much?
And wasn't it the MEN who cried, 
Fearing the upcoming battles
With the Canaanites who had moved into Israel?
Rabeinu Bachya explained
(A thousand years ago)
That of our male forebears in the desert
After hearing the 10 (of 12) spies
Who Feared conquerring the land:
Some cried,
Some complained,
Some demanded new leaders (not Moses)
and returning to Egypt
Their punishment was that
They all died in the desert
(But their souls weŕe kept as part of the Soul of The people of Israel
Grandma was 12 in Iraq.
She was part of the Jewish Underground
Trying to save our people from
Arab pogroms
Last night her daughter asked what a 12 year old was doing in the Underground,
And she told us:
She was delivering kosher food
To the prison
Where Jewish prisoners were being tortured!
Thank G-d for brave Daughters of Israel!
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz