Portion BeHa Alowt Cha - the Holy Sephardic Rabbis

Portion BeHa Alowt Cha - the Holy Sephardic Rabbis
Moses is told by the Almighty in this Portion to
Tell Aaron his brother that he is to daily light the menora in the temple
And our tradition teaches that
Through the Chashmonaim kings-his descendents
Our People Will light holy Chanuka menorahs to remember the Great Temple menora
Until the Holy Teple is rebuilt again ....
Now hear This Story  - it is from an IsraeliSephardic former army chaplain:
The island of Gerba - near Tunis -has a Jewish  community dating back to the first temple period from about
2700 years ago.
About 100 years ago 
Its rabbi visited Italy and was friendly with the Italian king - who got the Pope to give the rabbi accesss to the Vatican storerooms!
There the rabbi reported seeing all the Jewish Temple artifacts that were  stolen to Rome!
Heartbroken, the rabbi got sick
And died a week later! From
see ing all our Temple's glory stolen to the basement of the Vatican.
Another famous interpretation- teaching-
And from a very famous Iraqui chief Rabbi a hundrd years ago -
Who explained the Mishna in Talmud Shabbat 
Which says ... we are obliged before Shabbat
To say:
Hadliku et ha Ner"
Isartem - help the poor
Eravtem - bring peace to those around you
Light the light of Torah and G-dliness
Erev Shabbat - before Shabbat 
Before you leave the world.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz