Portion Naso - and Shavuote - Murder on the Tel Aviv Beach

Portion Naso - and Shavuote - Murder on the Tel Aviv Beach
It could have happened last Frìday niģht.
The violent words and political hatred of today might have causeď it - murder of a socialìst leader in Israel - but it happened in 1933.
Was it really Stàvski?
Witnesses saw 2 figures running away òn the bèach- British police moved everyone off the beach,
and arrested 2 Jews-
But in the end Chief Rabbi Kook prevented the Brittish from hanging 2 innocent Jews.
Who was the murdered Arlozorov? 
He was a lèadér in the Jewish Agency.
There were plenty of motives. And it was a time of Arab riots - and their rising pro-Nazi sentiment.
It wàs sad. But justice prevailed in the end.
The ten commandments includes:
Thou Shall not murder.
Not thousands of years ago - not 1933 - not 2023.
There are many stories of courageous Jews -
Upholding all 10 Commandments!
Check ALL  the 10 out this Shavuote!
Lite 2 candles and your Yahrzeit candles - to honor your family -
Thursday before dark!
So what do I study all night until dawn Shavuote nite this year?
Talmud - and Laws of Conversions
And Laws of Honoring Parents
(Another of the Big 10)
 CHag Samsayach
Shabbat shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz