Portions teh Tza Veh meh and Tzora : the Illnesses we Don't Understand

 Portions teh Tza Veh meh and Tzora : the Illnesses we Don't Understand
This Weekly Double Portion teaching the Jewish People about connections between :
Temple offerings
As we see in a bit.
Yes, today there are still illnesses like blindness in Africa from infected water And other diseases :
G-d should only protect us from!!!
Why?  Who needs all those? 
And years ago - oil VEY! all the germs before someone invented SOAP!
Did you know the Kohain priests - sons if aron - were/are Healrs? and Doctors?
Someone sent me an anti-kabalist video pokiing fun at some ancient prescriptions for "healing".
But 1700 years ago the Rabbis Estimated "PI" - and maybe the Egyptians before them!
And Maionides 800 years ago incorporated Roman and Greek knowledge into his medicsl books! And:
The Talmud talks about how  they made Penicilin 1700 years ago !!!
So those  boors or fools poking fun at some old medical-practical theories in Rabbi Books were

Simply Not up to Date about HISTORY or Ancient Wisdoms - or RESPECT.
If some stuff sound odd to the modern what?
Boors make fun of things they are too foolish to undetstand or too lazy to put in perspective.
Studying in Yeshiva University High School we were taught not to follow all literal statements in the Talmud-
that not all old stuff works.
 It is sometimes just background stuff - not material for fools to use today to detract from essential truths!

At 430 AM I heard a class given by one of my favourite Rebbes-Teachers
In Israel (via computer miracle) on Talmud of Sota22 
(While I was getting ready to walk 5 kilometers to prayer - the shul where I am now making my AM turmeric tea)
The Talmud was warning against rabbis who may be knowledgeable but
Mislead others -
and it's because they never served and observed a holy scholar teacher -
something truly needed to absorb:
The reasons behind all of the Torah! and the TRUTHS of the Torah.
And how and why did all those African and South American people I met convert to Judaism,
And why did so many of them come to Israel to live a classical Jewish holy life?
AND: Why don't I just sleep later and pray by myself instead of pushing myself for 3 miles to get here on time for a 620 AM minyan?
Is it because of things like how
this Weekly Double Portion is teaching the Jewish People about
best medial/spiritual practices for
Childbirth - and connecting those practices to
Temple offerings
And the Healing Powers of the Kohain/Priest in dealing with ancient forms of Leprosy?
Or just because ALL the Torah - understandable or not - give MEANING AND POWER
We have a lot to learn from the INTRICACIES the Torah - 
and SPIRITUAL POWER to receive - 
Especially from this week's double portion...
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi A
In The USA