Portion Shemote - Snakes and Jewish Memory

Portion Shemote - Snakes and Jewish Memory
Beraysheet - the first Portion - is where the Snake first figures into history
What removes the Snakes as they show up (like in the desert saga) in history?
So in this portion Shemote is where the Saga and Morality of Israel begins to control the snakes-
When on Mount Sinai Moses
Is confronted by the Almighty - 
And says No One Will Believe me!
Its The SNAKES versus G-d - and the Jews
At the Great Synagogue Kolel this week
 I heard a class
From the famous nephew
Whose famous Uncle inspired me 
to study for the Rabbinate
 (That uncle founded Keren B Yavneh
The first place in HISTORY where
Yeshiva students
Serve half time as paratroopers in the IDF)
So Moshe is not sure of BELIEF in this G-d
Who turns Moses' staff into a snake
And says:
Grab it by the tail  !
That will
Change it from a wiggly waggly
Danger to the world
Into the Tool of Faith that will Split the Red Sea!
The snake symbol
Belief and trust
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz