PortionVa ye Chi - do Rules and or Spitituality Require Redemption?

PortionVa ye Chi - do Rules and or Spitituality Require Redemption?
Wednesday night I prayed the night prayer Maariv twice - at two places which were just one short of a Minyan.
At the second place I checked on the Avnei Nezer book:
Which Rules on Jewish Laws:
One law said you can sleep on Shabbat in a house without a Mezuza. Why?
Because on Sha bat you can't put up a mezuza! Even though you generally need one.
Also that you Can wear 4 a four cornered garment with out tzizit on Shabbat
Because you can't tie the Tzizit on Shabbat!
Etc. There were a lot of interesting and lenient rulings.
And about the Torah Reading:
There is Spirituality and Prophecy here:
So I ask:
In this Portion , what did Jacob -
one of Our forefathers -
 what Mitzvot did he teach the families ?
 Or did he only instruct about the prophecy about the Kaytz - the end of days?
And Did that reqire them and Us to succeed at tikun olam? To fix the world?
To bring a Peace at the End of Days?
So I saw a thought by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach
That when the Portion writes Jacob's eyes were "heavy " - the real translation is
Jacob's Eyes "Kavdu meZoken" - 
Kavod Meaning - he taught the families
To Truly Honor with their Eyes
To fix the World with Eyes and Looks
Love is only by eyes
Honoring is clear in loving eyes
My interpretation is:
Jacob Taught for All Generations to
Give Honor to one another not by talk but by seeing things together -
With honor and Respect
and that honor fixes the world!
So where do the rules of Shabbat
The Prophecy of our Forefathers
Guide US?
Food for Thought
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz