Portion VA yee Gash : Putting it Together

Portion VA yee Gash  : Putting it Together
Blessed art Thou Almighty who has Crowned a New Government in Israel
Yes - being Sworn in to Protect All Israel-
And help the downtrodden
And try to heal the hatreds sown
By the "hate bibi hate judaism" crowd.
AS we learn from thus week's portion-
You have to take RISKS to heal
Judah risks loosing ALL just to
Protect his Youngest Brother
And that convinces Joseph-
Assistant to Pharoah-
And maybe the most
Powerful Person on the Planet
To reveal his SELF
Isnt that enough for this week-
This Shabbat
Lets learn the lesson and
Fit Fellowshipinto our LIVES
But what about Jacob the Patriarch in this portion?
And what do we continue to learn from Father Jacob?
What did Jacob feel when he heard that his son Joseph was still alive?
What do American Jews feel when the media finally lets them hear about terrorist incidents
and those who survive terror - and are
in hospitals, in rehab, and finally back with their families who worry day and night how they can possibly return to normal lives?
Jacob tells Pharoah he has had a difficult life - but the final years are spent teaching -
all his grandchildren - how to survive the exile in Egypt - and maintain their Israelite values.
Can we absorb all this in our own exiles?
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz
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